Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chrismas is finally over....and it was wonderful as always..

Now, we had our Christmas Party at the (In)Famous Embassy Super Club in The Fort. See the pic on the left? that's me and my friend Kel singing "time of our life" soundtrack of the movie "Dirty Dancing", our theme for the party is retro so the ambiance is from the 70's, 80's and 90's..

It was my first to go to that club and I was kinda excited maybe because I've heard a lot of things about that place, stories of the troubles of Borgy Manotoc, the Gucci Gang's alleged "scandal", the rumoured drug use on its private rooms etc...

Well, the place is actually nice, they got a separate room for smokers and the place for dancing is smoke free (unless the smokers area is closed people can smoke anywhere). I also saw the way going to the private rooms though I did not go inside any room. But hey, the drinks are outrageously expensive tsk... a bottle of SanMig Light would cost you P120, a bottle of Mineral Water is P75 and a glass of cocktail drink is P250, now what is that!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

my trip

On my last blog I mentioned that I was heading for cebu after 4 long years, and so I did... It was a very exhausting vacation yet extraordinarily memorable. I was able to see some of my old friends and surprisingly made new ones. Special mention to those guys on the pic who made my stay there exciting and unforgettable. (Thanks Evelyn, Don, Sheryl, Delwess, Dave & my cousin Glen who is behind the camera).
I know realized that my life is really here now in Manila, though a part me will always be a cebuano "by choice", I wish I could stay in two places at one time....
I missed the food so I really took my time in satisfying the 4 year cravings of Steam Rice, Ngohiong, Grilled Stuff at AAs and of course the famous Lechon Cebu. Things have also changed when it comes to nightlife, most of the place I used to hang-out have closed (Jukebox, Ratsky, Sinners & Saints, Kukais etc...) there is nightlife now in Mango Avenue which is equally exciting.
I spent my first night at some bars just behind the former Eastwest Cafe where Redhorse is cheap lolz! then tried the comedy bar 22nd street just beside the National Bookstore in Mango Ave. And the last destination on my last night is still in Mango Ave, the YO.U Bar and Club Autoshop.
Too bad I have to leave, too bad I do not belong there anymore....I miss the life there, the city and the the song says..."some good things never last"... painful but I have to turn my back again to face reality and catch my flight...
but i left a promise which i intend to keep..."i'll be back...."

Thursday, November 27, 2008


what i'm trying to do is make this blog a bit personal cuz ive been posting lots of things here and they were all just for fun, so im gonna start with this entry...

finally, im leaving for cebu city...yes after 4 long years im finally going back "home", my second home. the wonderful place where i spent 15 wonderful years, the place that molded me to the person i am right now... cebu will always be special and whatever happens i will always go back...
my flight is at 10am thursday and im so excited that i wasnt able to sleep well, came to work with just 4 hours of sleep and brought my stuff with me and at 7am i'll be on my way to the airport..
im thinking of the things that i wanna do when i get there... see old friends, go to the places where i used to hang-out, eat at larsian, eat ngohiong, sutukil ahhhh...can't wait..

Saturday, October 25, 2008





Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Best Baby Break Dance - More free videos are here



Funny Children - The funniest videos clips are here

Incredible Fishing


Damn, I would fish night and day...

Friday, July 4, 2008

di KARPINTIRS danish x-factor version

i love such a good humor!!! and im sure all of you do as well...

here's a very good one. two indian ladies who auditioned in the danish version of x-factor..

singing "top of the word" by the carpenters..

Monday, June 30, 2008


heyyaaaa!!! im back...

i was at home nothing to do and started surfing the net..i was looking for some old songs to download and i dunno but i thought of the 90's and a certain boyband came across my mind...THE have to agree that they're one of the big things in the past decade, i remember it very well when mtv played their song over and over again due to persistent requests...

well, the guys have grown-up and got married but they still play wonderful music..

check out mmmbopp...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Movies To watch 2

I have long been waiting for these movies to be shown, thank goodness they made a teaser already..

first stop

X-men Origins: Wolverine

Hellboy's Back

Movies to watch...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

the voice that could melt your heart

i have posted a video about this boy previously, Andrew Johnston the young soprano constestant of the bristih television show "britains got talent". on his first audition he was a very shy 13 year old boy, shaking and without confidence...he narrated the bullying he got from school because of the type of songs he sing...

here in this latest video, the grand final performance, he sang the same song when he first auditioned..but in a very very different way..the boy has evolved from a shy kid to an astonishing singer..he sings like an angel and will surely put a tear in your eyes...

he finished third place...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

proudly PInOY

i have long been blogging about american shows and british shows about how funny they are and the whole's time for pinoys to kick ass this time....

oki proudly pinoy presents...ANG BUHAY SA PINAS :))











Saturday, May 3, 2008

another reason why...

forgive me if i'm gonna be blogging about british shows...what can i do, i love them!!! i love their humor, their sensitivity, their drama and the way the shows are being handled...and oh, before i forget, i loooovvvveeee the audience....

ok, here is something new i found online, again it's from Britain's Got Talent...for those who know nothing about the show, it's a competions of not just singing but different acts (same style as the U.S. version) where the auditions are being done in front of a live audience....

i have seen remarkable talents from that show, namely Paul Potts, the first winner, the latest child wonder, an incredibly talented boy named Andrew Johnston (see my previous post with the video) and the OFW Madonna Decena...

Well, here's the new one...not a singer but a dance act, a dynamic duo of Indians who energetically danced Michael Jackson's Billy Jean...check the reaction of the judges and the audience....


Sunday, April 20, 2008


OK OK OK!!!!!I'M BACK...

It's been ages since I last updated my blog, the reason is that blogspot has been blocked in our office and it's there where I do my updates because the only thing I do when I get home is sleep huh!

I also decided to stop blogging that much about American Idol, I don't know's not because Ramiele Malubay is out already, I guess I got bored. Seems like the show has lots its touch on offering something different. Seems like each time I sit in front of my TV to watch it, I already know what they're going to do and how they are going to do, I quit :(

But hey, the one thing I haven't lost interest in is watching British talent shows. I really love Brits hahahaha...I mean forget the Spice Girls..I'm saying in general... I love their humor and they could be direct and rough but they are could be very sensitive too..too bad none of their shows are being shown locally...I'm tired of this IDOL franchises tsk... why not try X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent (by the way the I find the american version extremely boring)

Now, here's a couple of Brits I currently admire to the fullest...

First is Paul Potts...the first winner of Britains Got Talent. Pott's is just an ordinary guy, a car phone sales man who has a passion for Simon Cowell said a guy who isn't a professional, has a talent, isn't aware of it, has a regular job and and they see something else..check the video and see for yourself..

Another one is Andrew Johnston, the latest discovery of BGT(britains got talent), my oh my! the kid sings like an angel...he's so nervous and shaking and even narrated the bullying he got from school because people there thought he was singing the wrong songs. See for yourself and witness the birth of a Star :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I know that these pics have been all over the internet for a very long time now, but what the heck I'll post them anyways...

Questions is, is Juan Manuel Marquez really a member of the third sex??? bading nga ba si lolo???? check the pics and then you decide...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Carly Oh Carly

this is carly...will you vote for her as the next american idol???

Friday, March 14, 2008

He's OUT she's NOT

America finally said goodbye to David Hernandez..after wednesday's elimination night and over 29 million was the end of his journey on Idol...

David Hernandez only has one regret, following his elimination from “American Idol” on Wednesday night — and it has nothing to do with the rumors from his past.
“I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done in my past,” Hernandez told reporters on Thursday morning. “The only thing I was worried about was my song selection.”
Hernandez, who was sent packing this week following his performance of The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There,” is confident it was his performance — and not the rumors from his past — that ended his “Idol” ride.

The journey continues for our pride Ramiele, she's been given a chance to
redeem herself after the dissapointing performance of "In my life"

Ramiele really needs help on the type of songs she chooses and the arrangement of Simon Cowell said "there is mo much more in her

Thursday, March 13, 2008

IDOL top TWELVE! Lennon-McCartney Music

ok, the grand showdown has started, top 12 and new set...but some performances are disappointing.... and others were just ok... here a are some of them singing Lennon-McCartney songs ...


Jason Castro singing "if i fell"

The judges were not impressed but what the heck, i loved the her rendition. For the mp3 file, click the link below

If I fell (right click then save target as)


I think David Cook gave the best performance for the night, the voice..the song and the confidence.. here's a link to the mp3: Eleanor Rigby

Now, for Ramiele Malubay & David Archuleta...

I don't wanna post their videos at this time because I'm kinda disappointed with their performances...with Ramiele, she obviously has a very good voice but CAN SOMEBODY TELL HER TO PLEASE PLEASE CHOOSE THE RIGHT SONG!!!!I'm getting nervous that she might be voted out pretty soon..

And For David A??? ahhh he was a mess that night...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

M Night Shyamalan's The Happening to be released June 2008

The Happening is a paranoid thriller in which a family must survive a global environmental crisis. Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel star as an estranged couple who must escape this apocalyptic epidemic
The tagline of this film is "We've Sensed It. We've Seen The Signs. Now... It's Happening."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Binibining Pilipinas Pageant!
It sounds so prestigious, elegant and classy right???? wait till you see Janina San Miguel, this years Bb. Pilipinas World. A 17 year-old with extra-ordinary caliber...

Paolo Bediones: Janina, how are you?
Janina San Miguel: Fine.
Paolo Bediones: Alright, so you won two of the major awards - Best in Long Gown, Best in Swimsuit, do you feel any pressure right now?
Janina San Miguel: No, I don’t feel any pressure right now.
Paolo Bediones: Confident! Alright! Please choose a name of the judge.
Paolo Bediones: We have Miss Vivian Tan.
Vivian Tan: Good Evening.
Janina San Miguel: Good Evening.
Vivian Tan: The question is, what role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilipinas?
Janina San Miguel: Well, my family’s role for me is so important b’coz there was the wa- they’re, they was the one who’s… very… Hahahaha… Oh I’m so sorry, Ahhmm… My pamily… My family… Oh my god.. I’m… Ok, I’m so sorry… I… I told you that I’m so confident… Eto, Ahhmm, Wait… Hahahaha, Ahmmm, Sorry guys because this was really my first pageant ever b’coz I’m only 17 years old and ahahaha I, I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of the top 10. Hmmm, so… but I said that my family is the most important persons in my life. Thank you.

Friday, March 7, 2008

IdoL UpDate

It was the end of the road for the four Idol hopefuls. I personally think Danny Noriega should have been given a chance rather than Chikezie Eze. Dany is loud and talented and has a mad attitude it would be fun to watch more of him on the show.
And KadyMalloy obviously is expected to be axed same as Luke Menard they seem to lack the appeal and personality for them to stay and sail on to the rest of the competition.
And Asia'h? I think this girl is really talented and should have stayed rather than Kristy Lee Cook...Simon Cowell is right she is forgettable, I can't even remember her name and have googled just to get her complete name..


David Hernandez...from stripper to American Idol..
what's his story

Idol 7's 3rd Elemination Performances Babes

The Second batch for this week...

Syesha Mercado singing Saving all my love by Whitney Houston...
This is an awesome performance for me cuz I think this girl is good and I love the song...though Simon Cowell didn't share the same view...

Now, one of this season's sweetheart...Brooke White..
I just love the tone of her voice, absolutely not a belter but she reminds me of the style of Diana King...

Ramiele Malubay.. Against All Odds..
This is one of my very very favorite song...I loved it when Scott Savol sang it on the past season of Idol..but with Ramiele, it was okay...I mean she obviously has a very big and wonderful voice but she's kinda shy and needs to work more on her confidence...

Amanda Overmyer..My favorite Nurse...
Look at her now, she's very pretty with simplier hair...and the performance was awesome...

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Dingdong Dantes & Antonette Taus ? mmm....too late for this video to come would have been a lot controversial if this came out a few years ago...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Idol Seven's 3rd week perfoRmaNCES

ok, things were a lot better this week, most of the boys showed marvelous improvement specially the dreadlock dude jason are my top faves...


This guy never stops on getting better and the the performance...
The mp3 file of the song can be downloaded here: Hallelujah (right click then save target as)


Yes, he used to be a stripper...but what the heck, who are we to judge...well we can judge the talent huh! super amazing vocals as he performs "it's all coming back to me" and you can download the mp3 here: It's all coming back to me mp3 (right click then save target as)

DAVID COOK performing Lionel Richie's Hello

This guy is trully something to watch and the rest of the contestants should be scared of him...he''s the real deal!!!! an explosive interpretation of a Lionel Richie's classic the voice too!!! check out the mp3 here: HELLO (right click then save target as)

and lastly...

DAVID ARCHULETA singing Phil Collin's Another Day in Paradise...

David oh David....this guy is fond of singing love songs and mmm sad songs...anyways..he's still the mp3 here: Another Day in Paradise (right click then save target as)

for the rest??? mmm...sorry, i'll see you next week lolz!!!

WoULD thiS StOP yOu from Voting foR thEM???

RaMiele MalUBay

our very own filipina contestant has this photo recently circulating the internet. allegedly taken from her facebook account, though if you check facebook, you can no longer find her account. apparently it has been deleted already...

but personally, i couldn't see anything wrong this picture...all i see is a teenager having fun and fooling around with her friends.. at least it's not a nude pic like the scandals from some tweety sweety teenage stars huh!


iSSUE No. 2

dAvId hErNAnDez

it's now confirmed that he's gay and was a stripper in Arizona...with matching pic....tsk..

well, i'm not certain about the rules of american idol, but in my point of view? im still voting for the talent...the work he had was only a mean for survival...and now that he has been given a chance to show his talent and shine...

should we deprive him???

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

American IDoL uplate

ok this will be a late update cuz i was so wasted during the weekends... and sometimes i choose not to face my pc on weekends cuz i wanna give myself a break after facing my monitor from mondays to fridays for almost 10 straight hours...

Alaina Whitaker & Alexandrea Lushington

Jason Yeager & Robbie Carrico

There are now 16 constestants left and after the next elimination, the showdown for the top 12 will finally start...
before i stop this chapter i have to say that i feel bad that alexandrea was eliminated, i mean she's such a sweetheart and i love her rendition of "if you leave me now" too bad she had to leave, maybe their right, when you're in s singing contest you shouldnt sing songs that mean leaving cuz it might just happen...

Friday, February 29, 2008

IdoL REcAp girls!!!!

ok here are my fave in the week 2 performances...

Alexandrea Lushington performs “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago

the judges said it was pretty safe, but what the hell, i love the song and she sang it wonderfully...
click the link for the mp3: if you leave me now right click then save target as...

Syesha Mercado performs “Me And Mr. Jones”

at first i didnt like this girl though obviously she has a great voice, the range is superb but hey...i think she's getting cool and her charisma is finally capturing the audience...
mp3 file can be downloaded here:me & mrs. jones right click then save target as...

Filipino-American Ramiele Malubay performs “Don’t Leave Me This Way”

she's our pride and surely will find her way to the top...the judges love her, she is topping the current online surveys...
check her chat with ryan seacrest, proudly pinay :)
here is her song: don't leave me this way right click and save target as...

Brooke White performs “You’re So Vain”

and my last pick for top 20 performances...brooke white..i dunnot whay but i really love this girl..
i think shes sweet and real nice...
to download her song right click and save target as here: you're so vain

next stop is the elimination...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Movie SoUndtRacks

aLvIN & thE ChiPMunKs

the adventures of Alvin, Simon & Theodore...

para maiba naman....

to download their album, click the link below:

Chipmunks Soundtrack


have u watched the film?

it's a musical film featuring the songs of the beatles...set in the early 1960's

i gotta tell you, the music is cool...the beatles' songs have been amazingly rearranged...and the good news is...

you can download the whole album here, all ou gotta do is
ClICk HeRE (zipped format)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


span style="color:#339999;">na hala sugod na pud ta.....this week's performances, here are my top faves...

of course the invincible DaVId

amazing performance, great vocals he even made paula abdul cry wahhhh.... i sincerely believe that this kid is going to be the next idol...and hey you wanna have an mp3 copy of the song? right click the mp3 link below and save target as..

David singing Imagine (right click and save target as)

Next....DaVid HernAndez

finally this guy is showing some improvement and he finally impressed cowell...

here's the link to the mp3 file of his performance:
Papa was a Rolling Stone (right click ans save target as)

then there was JaSon CasTro...

he sang a song by andy gibb "i just want to be your everything" which you can download here (right click and save target as)

ok my 4th choice MiCHAel JoHNs

the 29 year old aussie sang "you can go your own way" mp3 can be downloaded below:

you can go your own way mp3 (right click then save target as)

***PaULa AbDUL's new single "DaNCe LiKE tHErE's nO TommORRoW"


i think most of you idol fanatics have seen the latest music video of Paula Abdul's latest single "Dance like there's no tomorrow" cuz it was shown for the first time (i believe) in last weeks american idol episode, check video below:


or if the file is gone, leave a comment on this post and i'll see what i can do for you :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

finding josiAH's an update on josiah leming...seems like good things are still happening to this guys after the broken american idol dream. he recently posted a video blog at you tube discussing his plans on an upcoming tour and album, check it:

WhAt HapPeNED oN tHe HouSe oF CaRtERS

im sure you guys remember AaRON cARTeR very well...the cutie litlle boy who sang Surfing USA and Crazy Little Party (farty) Girl...

the thing is...people really grow up including the cute little ones tsk...and things change a lot...the voice, looks and specially the WAY PEOPLE BEHAVE WHEN THEY GROW UP!!!!

the once upon a time cutie Aaron Carter was recently arrested (feb. 21, 08) in Texas for speeding and the authorities found some marijuana on his sad, so bad...what happens to kids when they grow up...they change from this:

TO THIS???!!!!

i wonder what's next!

A mOvie 2 wAtcH

The Forbidden Kingdom

starring: jackie chan, jet li, michael angarano

i've always loved martial arts and adventure movies and here is one that i promise i will not fail to watch...
An American teenager who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King. With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself traveling back to ancient China to join a crew of warriors from martial arts lore on a dangerous quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King

Saturday, February 23, 2008

eAzY n smOOTH

and now it's saturday night and im stucked and f*&%d.. boring..boring...boring....and i don't even wanna get drunk cuz i'm trying to loose weight huh!

anyways, after watching (would you believe) 6 dvds...i scanned a box of old stuff and i saw a cd of joey mcintyre, yeah that guy from nkotb years ago.... see the pic?

well, ive read somewhere that...

jon knight left the music industry and entered the real estate business
jordan knight the bro still performs and tours
donnie wahlberg as we know entered the movies though not as popular as his bro mark
then danny wood became a record producer based in boston
and lastly there's joey mcintyre, the youngest in the group...see the pic?

since the group's split joey has released a solo album Stay the same and scored a top 10 hit with the title track..he also went into the television via Boston Public and movies through On Broadway (which trailer you can check here:on broadway trailer

the latest record he released was a cover album (2006) songs like moonriver, bewitched and the way you look tonight. its kinda cool and relaxing and i thought i'd share a couple of songs which you can download here:BeWitcheD and MoOnRiveR

till next time :)

Friday, February 22, 2008


ok ok…here we go…the solo performances of the top 12 female contestants of american idol was aired today…and our pinoy pride ramiele sang “you don’t have to say you love me” while singing i can’t help but pray na sana wag pumalya and once again she did it….simon cowell even said “you outstand everyone else tonight” whoooaaa ain’t that somethin’?
and if you miss the show or if you wanna listen to her song you can check it here:
Ramiele Sings (right click then save target as)

dAviD ARchULEta

for those of you who like this little man named david archuleta i found a song he previously recorded before…it’s a cover of vanessa carlton’s thousand miles…the song is not of good quality pero pwede na…you can download here:a thousand miles

JOSIAH leming

for those guys who have been watching american we know season 7 battle has began with our very own ramielle malubay, a sushi waitress from miramar, florida...she's proudly pinoy and even mentioned regine velasquez as one of her musical influences and her favorite singer...
and there were the hush-hush that danny noriega and david archuleta have pinoy blood as well, but it remains to be confirmed....tingin ko parang hindi eh, murag lahi ra!!!
but wait wait wait....there was this one guy who caught my and say people's attention...his name is josiah leming.. an 18 year old homeless guy who's been living in his car for over a year since he left home...he's a native of tennessee but he auditioned in atlanta..he passed the hollywood round but he didn't make it to the top 24...sayang kaayo tsk...i personally think that this guy has a real talent and he write songs...proof of this is when he was eliminated from ai7 he guested on the ellen de generes and sang one of his compositions, the song entitled "to run"...the song is kinda cool and sounded fresh..and i believe we're gonn be seeing more of this guy.... if you wanna check the song here is the link to download: josia TO RUN

tHe TrANSfeR

i have decided to transfer my blogsite from here....its a long story...and i have decide to transfer some of my entries here...

this site will be more on music...songs that i love and the not so popular songs that i wanna share to everyone...

so here we go...start clicking....