Sunday, April 20, 2008


OK OK OK!!!!!I'M BACK...

It's been ages since I last updated my blog, the reason is that blogspot has been blocked in our office and it's there where I do my updates because the only thing I do when I get home is sleep huh!

I also decided to stop blogging that much about American Idol, I don't know's not because Ramiele Malubay is out already, I guess I got bored. Seems like the show has lots its touch on offering something different. Seems like each time I sit in front of my TV to watch it, I already know what they're going to do and how they are going to do, I quit :(

But hey, the one thing I haven't lost interest in is watching British talent shows. I really love Brits hahahaha...I mean forget the Spice Girls..I'm saying in general... I love their humor and they could be direct and rough but they are could be very sensitive too..too bad none of their shows are being shown locally...I'm tired of this IDOL franchises tsk... why not try X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent (by the way the I find the american version extremely boring)

Now, here's a couple of Brits I currently admire to the fullest...

First is Paul Potts...the first winner of Britains Got Talent. Pott's is just an ordinary guy, a car phone sales man who has a passion for Simon Cowell said a guy who isn't a professional, has a talent, isn't aware of it, has a regular job and and they see something else..check the video and see for yourself..

Another one is Andrew Johnston, the latest discovery of BGT(britains got talent), my oh my! the kid sings like an angel...he's so nervous and shaking and even narrated the bullying he got from school because people there thought he was singing the wrong songs. See for yourself and witness the birth of a Star :)