Sunday, May 31, 2009

wedding singer

Oh Yes! I'll be a wedding singer next week. It's for my dear cousin's wedding, her name is Dinah and the wedding is going to be all the way in Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro to be exact.

It makes me smile when I think about how time ran so fast, it's like a few years ago she was this little girl I used to take to school because her mom, my tita is at work. I watched her grew up like my little sister and now she's going to have her own family...funny thing is I'm still unmarried lolz!!!!

She specially requested the song "it's your love" by Tim Mcgraw (Gil Ofarim has a version of this song), so I will be singing that song while she march down the aisle to married life, and I'm kinda nervous not because I'm afraid to sing in public but I want it to be perfect, for her and for our family. And I also prepared few other songs for the reception.

It's been like 7 years since I last visited Mindanao and I am extremely excited because I will also be visiting Iligan City and see familiar places, the Timoga Swimming Pools and some water falls out there, and also I'll be seeing lots of cousins from my mom's side, the nicest and the coolest of all.

And maybe, meet someone new, who knows....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Shirley Bassey

This is kinda late...but last week was the fiesta celebration of my cousin's place, it's somewhere in Mandaluyong. There was a dance contest and I was one of the judge (3 years in a row that is lolz).

Aside from the dance contest there was this Gay Impersonation contest and this one is so funny, we were able to take a video.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm officially back!!!! wasn't able to blog for I think a week because my PC was in a bad shape, I mean just the monitor and I had to buy a new one.

The latest is I'm still jobless, after I quit my job last week, the job that I learned to love...I miss working at night, my everyday routine of sleeping by day and working at night, my regular dose of coffee and cigarette, my clients...the americans I spoke to everynight, and most specially my dear friends whom I have seen almost everynight for the last four years. I'm still sad, I know in my heart that I made the right decision, it's just that I miss a lot of things and people... four years is four years and it made a mark in my heart already.

Ok, enough of the sentiments... the good news is...I got no pressure anymore wahahahahaha yeyyyy!!!! I'm currently a bum but I think I earned it, I'm enjoying my being unemployed at the moment. I went to the mall (which I haven't done in a very long time), went shopping and most of all, I'll be in Cagayan de Oro for a vacation.

When I get back, I'd look for a new job and I'd probably opt to work at home, maybe get 2 jobs working at home. I know that this kind of arrangement is already available. I missed blogging so I might be doing this everyday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday was a big moment in my life, a made a big decision, in fact one of the hardest...I quit my job...

I have been with this company for 4 wonderful years and it really changed my life including my family. The job had the most attractive salary with great benefits, that is why I am sad that I had to leave. I have several reasons and money is included of course. First all of my friends got fired and only myself was asked to stay and I thought, will it be worth it?

The company offered some perks for people who would decide to accept the offer and stay and a severance package for those who will be asked to leave. After a quick thought I decided to voluntarily quit...

I feel in my heart that I made the right decision, it's what my heart says...not that my friends are gone and I will be alone eating in the pantry or during yosi break, I'm just tired and want to do something else, somewhere else...the severance package is not bad at all, it's more than enough to start a little business or maybe take a break for a while before looking for another job.
For now, I'm just sad...because I will truly miss the company, the office, my desk, my routine....but that's life, I have to move on...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

wazup with me?

First of all I'm happy that it's weekend...yet it's going to be a hectic and exhausting one. I'm off from work at 8AM, oh yeah I'm still on graveyard shift...But I'm kinda excited cuz I'm finally getting my tickets for my local trip this year yeheyyy!!!!

First is June 5th, I'll be in Cagayan de Oro City, The City of Golden Friendship. I'll be just attending the wedding of my dear cousin but at the same time I'll try my best to experience their rafting and water trekking. Then, I'll drop by my mom's home place, Iligan City, the City of waterfalls, and swim the cold waters of Timoga Swimming Pools. Then be back here in Manila by June 8th.

Second trip will be on July 22nd. I'll be home to attend our town fiesta, and you know when you're a filipino and probinsyano, fiesta is really a big deal to you. It's one of the season where you can see old friends, relatives etc...oh and when I say home I meant my sleepy wonderful town Sta. Margarita, Samar, that's like 18 hours travel by bus and more than an hour by plane and thank you Cebu Pacific air for the cheap tickets :)

Third is November 25th, I'll be in my second home, the queen city of the south, the wonderful CEBU. It has been my devotion to visit the queen city every year. The city I love and miss so very much it hurts awwww!!! I spent 15 wonderful years in Cebu, I was educated there, education in almost all aspects, in school and in the real world. I do miss my friends there a lot and I think of them all the time, maybe I'm crazy but I always imagine waking-up in the morning and taking a stroll in Jones Ave. or in Colon or maybe just in Urgello to buy some food, grab a drink and hang-out with friends. Sometimes I try not to look at Cebu Pictures online because it brings back memories and I'm kinda hurt that I can't be there because my life is now here in Manila... I still plan to buy a nice house there someday soon.

But meantime, I'll to enjoy my chaotic weekend...I'll meet a friend at 1pm (still sleepless) then I'll be judging a dance contest in Mandaluyong wahahahahah!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Goosebumps Allover

For all of us who have music in our system, this one's again from my favorite show. An outstanding performance and SHE'S ASIAN. Check it out and say something...

Sue Son - Violinist - Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 4 - Funny blooper videos are here

Now, would you do the same? Leave your friends for fame? Tell me....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Reyna Emperatriz????

Are you serious Rustom? ah mm I mean BB???

Ok here's the issue...

I know that almost everyone has heard that Rustom Padilla now known as BB Gandanghari was not allowed to get inside Aruba Bar (located in Metro Walk along Meralco Ave. in Ortigas) beacuse the bar has a strict policy when it comes to cross-dressing and we all know that BB has been wearing fancy clothes since he became the "woman" as he claims he is. This incident is not the first because Inday Garutay had the same experience before with the same bar. Again, they have a strict policy with this matter. As expected, BB protested, saying he was there for an invitation of a friend Rannie Raymundo who's having a show, but he was never allowed. And so he went away and then blogged the incident on his blogspot. On his blog, he strongly stressed that he was not violating anything or any dresscode because he is not a man wearing a woman's clothes but she is a "woman", no violation whatsoever....(If you wanna know more about this story check the internet, it's all over google).

Anyways, this post is not just about BB and his Aruba Bar incident. Few minutes ago I checked at PEP, that BB has accepted the offer to be the REYNA EMPERATRIZ at a Malabon Sagala ng mga Bading. Well I can't help but say MY OH MY! I thought he said he's a woman and if you're a woman, why join Gay's Santacruzan? isn't it supposed to feature gays? Well, this only means acceptance that he is one of them. A comment on BB's blog said that while he has that "shaft" between his legs he will never be a woman, or in my point of view, come on BB, being a woman is all in your mind, no matter what you do you can never be one. You can act like one but you are not one, you know why? because you are a man, you were born a man and that you have to accept it so that people can accept you as well. I guess people right now understand that you are out trying to prove something, maybe you're trying to prove something to yourself, just maybe. But for people, we have seen so much like you. We have seen gays struggle for acceptance, and they we're accepted by people because they are being themselves, they are respected and not ridiculed because they showed to people that they can be respected as well. I think people would love and admire you more if you tell people that yes, you're gay and you're loving it.

I'm not saying I'm right but this is just my opinion.

Monday, May 4, 2009


When I made my post early today, I thought that was it for Monday...I'm gonna eat and then rest the whole day because I have to work tonight. Then I went to watch my Favorite British reality show Britain's Got Talent on Youtube. But later on I smelled something, like somethin's burning somewhere and I first thought of my kitchen because once I left the stove open for 4 hours, I was cooking and then I forgot to turn it off, oh yeah stupid me!

But I remember turning it off this time. So I thought something was terribly wrong, I looked outside my window and saw this!!!!

The garment factory just across my building is on fire. I didn't panic at first because I thought it's not that close to where I stay, it's a few meters away but on the other side of the street and I also stay on the 4th floor. I went to get my camera to take a few pictures and when I looked back at the window, I was horrified...smoke was everywhere. The wind direction is through my building so the smoke got into my room so quickly. I couldn't see anything and my eyes was hurting. PANIC MODE!!!!!!


I managed to lock my door grab my wallet, phone and ran downstairs!!!!

Good thing those firemen were able to take control quickly...nobody died, I'm not sure if anyone got hurt or what's the cause of the fire (katatapos nga lang eh) But I'm relieved that I'm still in one piece and no one is hurt.

Later I'll try to be a reporter and check what happened down there.

proudly pinoy

Manny Pacquiao's latest victory came as no surprise, people have expected him to win. As a matter of fact, anywhere you go, you can hardly find anyone who would bet against him. My officemates just bet on how many rounds would it take for Manny to knock Hatton down...and indeed in two very short rounds Hatton was literally knocked-out.

Manny has now become a phenomenon, a national inspiration and almost everyone who is associated with him becomes known to the public or at least become news ( look at Nanay Dionisia, Freddy Roach, Jinkee and their kids, Ara Mina, Chavit Singson etc..)

And it's amazing how road traffic slows and almost zero crime records in Manila area each time he has a fight. This only shows how proud Filipinos are, that one of us is out there representing us in the world of boxing. Each fight is a fight of our country and each win is a triumph of each one of us.

I just hope that when all this is over, when the boxing gloves are kept in the closet, when the lights are off...we should still remember how Manny Pacquiao gave us the honor, the pride and the inspiration that dreams can come true, that no matter how simple your life is, no matter who and that you are, there is always a little glimpse of hope that you can be whatever you want to be...just look at Manny...

Careful though Manny, this country has a history of persicuting those who inspire, those who give mentioned on my last post...careful Manny...we love you so just be careful who to trust....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

pilipins my pilipins

ba't ganun????

I'd like to start my entry with that question...

I know in my heart that we have a great country, but ba't ganun???

Jun Lozada is in jail...the person who had the courage to expose the anomaly and corruption of the ZTE deal. The person who became an inspiration to filipinos, that somehow there is still a slim chance for honesty, that somehow not everyone can be consumed by greed for money...and now he is behind bars, and the people he accused of dishonesty, of corruption is out there enjoying their power and their freedom.

Is this the price for going out and telling the truth in this country?

Would you still be honest and tell the truth for the sake of the filipino people if you know that you would only end-up in jail?

Now, what kind of country are we running here...what kind of freedom are we supposed to enjoy?

And why him??? why is that guy who is accused of malversation of funds of a pre-need company not in jail?

Why is that husband of the most powerful woman in this country accused of corruption and money laundering and using his connections and power for personal benefits not in jail?

Or why is that guy who is accused of the multi-million fertilizer scam still out there? inspite of the overwhelming evidence that he masterminded the scam...

Well let me say this, I hope you all die! so we, Jun Lozada and the rest can move on with our lives in our wonderful country.