Sunday, June 28, 2009

My New Job

I am officially working again, I'm done with being a bum for a month and I have to admit that sometimes being a bum is so refreshing...after working at night for 4 years I trully missed sleeping at night and sleeping for over 8 hours sooooo cool!!!!

But I have to go back to reality that I need to survive in this tough and wicked city. Pano nalang ako mabubuhay, pano ang mga bisyo at mga gala lolz! Now, things are a bit different, the fact that my work is in Makati and I am staying in the North part of the metropolis is an exhausting journey, but as I said, I need to survive and survival needs a lot of sacrifice, so I'm giving this a shot.

Work is Ok, not as fabulous as my previous work but things are seem to be more relaxed as well, the company does not have much work force so I get to see and interact with almost everyone everyday. We only have a couple of Americans running the company, the manager and the owner and my new workmates seem friendly and I have not noticed anyone bitchy yet...

And yesterday morning, our manager thought that the people need some bonding or team building specially that they have added 26 people or so to the floor... And so we went bowling.... Unfortunately, it's been 13 years since I last played the sport, so my arms and entire body ached a lot (or baka sa edad ko din :)). I met some friends then, few guys from the team I was was fun actually. I'm hoping to stay longer in this office and hopefully more cash so I can start building my dream house back in the province.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I just got home from watching this movie, oh yes it's Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. I was too excited and decided to watch it on it's opening day, and all I can say is...






Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Me and my cousins all went to UK yesteday..

Yes, UK...a.k.a Ukay-ukay... somewhere in Munumento. I went with them to find something cool, like vintage stuff that I can't find in the shopping malls or it would be damn expensive in some shops...and there you see pinag-tripan ko ang isang fur styled jacket lolz!!! First of all, it's really itchy, maybe because it needs thorough washing or maybe I'm not used of wearing something with feather like things or maybe it's just itchy... Anyways, I took a couple of pics of me wearing it just to check if I would look cool in it and I think I looked Ok, I thought of the people who will see me wearing that jacket when I take the bus or MRT lolz!~

Then I ended up buying this one at Php200, it's actually a good buy, kakarating lang daw ng stocks kaya mahal ng konti. I love the texture at talagang magagamit sa work hehehehe..

According to Kuyang Tindero there, the trick is go to Ukay-ukay when their new stocks have just arrived so you can really pick the very good ones, it would be kinda expensive but those are real good stuff. Then after two weeks their prices would slip a bit to encourage more customers but the items will be "pinagpilian na"...

Jologs na kung jologs but sometimes going to these places is fun, you can really check-out some cool outfits, out of this world designs at a very cheap price. You just have wash it real hard to get rid of that distinctive UK smell (oh yeah the smell that makes me sneeze to the highest level)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



It was my birthday yesterday and I'd like to thank all those who greeted me at sa mga gusto pang mag-greet, thanks..

It was fun and I got drunk on the eve of my birthday, I was with my cousins in Mandaluyong then on D'Day, I was with my family of course, we cooked some food and ate together. The funny thing is that I don't feel any older, maybe it's true that Geminis don't get old, they will always be young LOLZ!!!

And of course I got the best gift this time, I got hired. Yes, I have a new job already and I will be starting on June 23 and it will be in Makati. Yup, kinda hard cuz I'm staying in Caloocan and will be working in Makati, but it's ok I know I can always find a way to enjoy and make the most of it.

Right now, I will continue on celebrating :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Job Hunt

My new mission in the coming two week? is to find a new job.

I have been jobless since I quit 3 weeks ago, I had my vacation already and it's about time to find a new thing to do to earn money and survive this city. It's tough to live in Manila when you're not earning anything because everything is so expensive, it's like the moment you step out of your door is an expense already and I can't afford to just spend and spend and not earn, I don't wanna dry out my savings...

It's 3:17 in the morning and I just got home from an interview with an american company in Makati, somewhere in Salcedo Village. The company's offer is quite reasonable plus a very good commission package, we are just waiting for their call if they are willing to give-in to our asking price (of course, established career and experience earns you the right to demand once in a while lolz). So hopefully by next week things will be finalize if me and my gang will be working there.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I"m Back


As I mentioned on my previous entry, I went to Cagayan de Oro for a few days to attend the wedding of my dear cousin Dinah. The wedding was pretty simple but happy and elegant. Simple because only families from both sides, relatives and close friends were invited to attend, Happy and Elegant because my cousin looked so pretty in her gown and the groom looked his best as well.

I arrived in Cagayan last Friday at almost 3pm, thanks to CebuPac though our flight was delayed and kinda scary because the weather isn't that good when I left, the plane was kinda shaky and as always, I'm scared of flying. When I arrived in Cagayan, the weather eventually changed, it was so humid out there and the getting a taxi was ridiculously expensive, they charged 250 pesos from the airport to the city (250 is the lowest possible price). Then I saw everyone, cousins, uncles, relatives and friends whom I haven't seen in 8 years, and the never ending "kumusta ka na?" goes....

Day 2 Iligan City

Right after the wedding we left Cagayan for Iligan City. I missed the place so much, the last time I was there was when my Aunt died and it was 2001, a lot of things has changed since I last visited, good thing it was peaceful already. A couple of months ago the city was bombed several times allegedly by Muslim Insurgents.
And of course as planned, we went swimming to Timoga Swimming Pools where the water was so inviting, so cold and so refreshing. The water from the pools came from the mountains and they have an overflowing supply so the water in the pools changes all the time, it just flows...I really wish we could have something like it here in Manila. Ansarap ng tubig as in sobra!!!!
Ok now, my next trip is in July and I'm going to the island of Samar.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas

I just finished watching this very touching movie "the boy in striped pyjamas"..

The story is set during World War 2. An innocent boy, the son of a Nazi Commander who befriends a jewish boy in a concentration camp. At first the boy thought the camp was a farm where other people live and where he could find friends to play with. The name of the boy is Bruno, a nice little man who is fund of adventure books and wants to be an explorer. At first he thought people in the farm are weird because they wear pyjamas all the time, until he met the jewish boy named Shmuel who enlightened him about the horrors of the camp.

Bruno always wonder why there was that odd smell coming from what he thought chimneys of the farm, little did he know that that smell came from the gas chambers where the Jews were being killed and burned. When Bruno's mother realized that it was a labor camp and that people are being slaughtered there, she decided to take the children away, Bruno along with her sister. But before that could happen, Bruno decided to visit Shmuel and help him find his missing father. He changes his clothes and wiggles under the fence and is now in the camp with Shmuel wearing same striped pyjamas that the prisoners wear.

Bruno comes to realise that the camp is completely the opposite of what he saw in the propaganda film and wants to return, but Shmuel encourages him to continue helping to find his father. While they look in Shmuel's hut a group of Nazi soldiers arrives and marches all those inside (including Bruno and Shmuel) to a low concrete building. The men and boys are made to undress, supposedly for a shower, packed together in a gas chamber, and killed.

When Bruno's parents realized he is missing, they run to the camp and try to find him. They find Bruno's clothes next to the hole under the fence. The Father runs throughout the camp and discovers an empty hut, and, reaching the gas chamber, concludes that Bruno has been brought to the gas chamber with a group of Jews. When Bruno's father arrives the boys are already dead and he is devastated. Upon hearing the father's cry of "Bruno!" the mother and Bruno's sister realize what has happened and are equally devastated. A last shot showing the undressing room with many camp uniforms reminds the viewer that the tragedy is not just Bruno and Shmuel's death, but that of many other Jewish people during the holocaust of World War II.

Monday, June 1, 2009



Oh yes, she was in Channel 5 last night on Lucy Torres' show Shall We Dance. She's grooving into some ballroom dances.
Who would have thought? Years ago she was just an ordinary tindera ng isda or something but thanks to Manny, she's now on TV and have the most expensive jewelries and was able to travel to Las Vegas to support his son. We trully cannot tell a person's destiny, we do not know what awaits us tomorrow.
The Pacquiao family is really an inspiration for people to dream, to aim high and to never give up. They make us realize that dreams can come true, that there is a chance for us to be whatever we want to be, there is just of course loads of hardwork, persistence, determination and prayers that goes with it.
So, let's go on dreaming. Not to be a world famous boxer or to dance ballroom on TV, but whatever it is that we have in our hearts. Lets be inspired not just by the Pacquiao family but for the thought that there is always hope out there, a little hope that we can hit it big, that we can go big time.
As for me, I won't stop, I'll always move on...I know I'll get to that dream...then when the time is up to retire, I would just be in a beach enjoying the view and having a drink...