Thursday, November 27, 2008


what i'm trying to do is make this blog a bit personal cuz ive been posting lots of things here and they were all just for fun, so im gonna start with this entry...

finally, im leaving for cebu city...yes after 4 long years im finally going back "home", my second home. the wonderful place where i spent 15 wonderful years, the place that molded me to the person i am right now... cebu will always be special and whatever happens i will always go back...
my flight is at 10am thursday and im so excited that i wasnt able to sleep well, came to work with just 4 hours of sleep and brought my stuff with me and at 7am i'll be on my way to the airport..
im thinking of the things that i wanna do when i get there... see old friends, go to the places where i used to hang-out, eat at larsian, eat ngohiong, sutukil ahhhh...can't wait..