Friday, October 2, 2009

Why I must vote for Noy!

It's not a question but a statement.

It's not because he is the son of a man who died for the country, who changed the lives of the millions of Filipinos, nor his mother lived for the sake of Democracy. Not even because he is the brother of Kris who's every statement becomes the talk of every single household in this country... but because I see the chance of change, of integrity or passion and love for fellowmen.

The Aquino's have been an inspiration to all of the Filipinos. Ever since Ninoy was murdered by you know who, the people have adopted Cory and her kids as their own family, and they did the same. What I love about this family is that they treat all of us as part of them, they shared their love with us. I will never forget each time Kris makes big decisions, she never forgets to ask permission, understanding and advise from all of us her family, or at least she will always let us know that she is about to make a big step in her life.

When Noy was offered the chance to run as the President, he expectedly did not say Yes right away. In my opinion, saying Yes quickly would create doubt. Only a greedy person would immediately grab the change to be the most powerful man in the country. Instead, Noy was humbled, he considered every one's opinion, his family, the people, his party and God. I know in my heart that he made the right decision, it wasn't easy, it wasn't quick because there are many sacrifices including the selfless act of Mar Rojas (whom I'd be voting as well). When people and God gave you the blessing, then no one can stop you from doing the right thing. Nobody can beat the power of the righteous.

Let us all take a look around. The other party is choosing their candidates in the traditional dirty way of who's got the money, the connections and the favor they can give back. Damn them!!!! they will not win I promise you Noy!!! We will not let them win!!! and besides who will win when each and everyone of them wants to be the president? plus the one choosing her candidate does not seem to want to leave her post??? Can you imagine what kind of administration they can run?

We now have this chance to have a different kind of governance...A new breed of politicians...New visions for our country. Please let us not waste this because this chance may not come again.

I will not only vote for Noy, I will campaign for him and Mar. It will be a campaign not just for Noy to be the President but a campaign for a brighter Philippines.