Friday, January 30, 2009

Finding Chuckie

A boring day at work....I thought of searching for people I have not seen in a very long time like my long lost friends, but I ended up reading some articles about former mainstays of "That's Entertainment" and I browsed the blogsite of Chuckie Dreyfuss ( I think I found this website before but I wasn't a blogger at that time)..

So here we go, For those who do not know or remember Chuckie... He was a "Big Deal Child Actor" who got the attention of the country via the movie "Idol" starring the late actor Rudy Fernandez. I was also a little boy at that time but I remember that movie very well. My mom and dad took me with them to watch that movie and even as a young boy I was impressed of how natural he was on that role....

Then came That's Entertainment and the movies he made in Regal Films...but suddenly he was out of the limelight and people have always wondered whatever happened to Chuckie? Did he left for the US like most of local actors do when they ran out of project? The answer is a big NO, he never left the country or the industry , infact he has become busier than he was. Chuckie now manages his own company called "CD Sound Labs" together with a business partner, the company is a digital recording studio founded in they year 2000. And currently Chuckie is doing lots of project with ABS-CBN, GMA Network and other big time companies.

Oh, and before I forget, he's now happily married with two kids a boy and a girl. You can check his blog here.