Monday, April 27, 2009

saHod Na BUKAS!

It's Monday the 27th, again I had a boring weekend just stayed at home and watched TV... primarily because I don't have the budget to go out and there isn't much new pirated DVDs to buy...bukas pa ang sahod the 28th..

Speaking of Sahod, did you know that when you get your payslip and thoroughly internalize the computation your blood pressure can rise up to the highest level??? Oh yeah specially when you're single like me.. the Income tax of a single person can be as high as 30%, YES!!! 30% OF YOUR INCOME GOES TO THE GOVERNMENT SO TO SPEAK!!! and that really sucks!!!!

I'm working as a horse and the government gets nearly half of what I earn, in exchange of what??? traffic?? flooding in our areas with just slight rain??? pockets of curropt officials???

This is one of the most disgusting thing in our system, nagpapakiharap tayong magtrabaho tapos 30% ng kinikita natin kinukuha sa atin eh sila lang ang nagpapasarap. I once said that if I'm gonna give them that much, they should have provided me a nice car na susundo sa akin sa bahay papuntang work, lintek sila...konting ulan lang binabaha agad ang metro manila..hahayyyy what the F*CK is gonna happen to our lives here in this country...

is still there a chance??? by voting for the right one or the less evil one in next year's election make a difference??? but how would we know??? who has and who hasn't the longest horn and tail...

or should we just leave this land and work somewhere else? like abroad? i planned that already and i might go with that option...even if i know that it's gonna be sad, because I'm a believer that happiness is when you live in your motherland.... tell me you're gonna be happy living in a foreign land where you're the only one colored among your neighbors, you're earning very good and have the best government but you are being treated as a second class citizen..

tang*na, kahit yata saan magpunta me kalintikang mangyayari...

GMA? ERAP? tell me the difference, is there?

Friday, April 24, 2009

happy BIRTHDAY angel!

That's Angel, my friend/office-mate on the left and that monkey-looking guy goofing behind is, well, ahemm.. ahhh... mmm... ok it's me. But hey! I don't normally look like that everyday, I was just as I said goofing around since it's my friend's Bday.

Ok, the usual stuff, cake with a candle to blow (red sperma candle we borrowed from manong the guard because mumi vk forgot the candle of the cake). Anyways, she's out right now with her bf somewhere in Tagaytay para dun magpalamig :)

My birthday is past approaching and I won't mention my age since I stopped counting when I reached 25, and yes I'm serious. It's gonna be a Monday but I plan to celebrate on Sunday, the 14th (my actual bday is June 15)

At balak ko magpa-inom, so if anybody of you is not busy and want's to join me on my birthday, you just tell me and I'd be happy to invite you and get dunk LOLZ! and lastly I will be travelling again this year, for my much needed rest and break. First stop is Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao to attend my cousin's wedding, Oh yeah CDO is such a nice place and I wanna try their white water rafting. Next is Samar, by July I will be coming home to my sleepy yet wonderful province, fiesta kasi dun, then come November I'll be back to Cebu City, my second home...the city that has a very special place in my heart....

See you there, kung sino man nandun!

Thursday, April 23, 2009



For almost four years now, I have not been able to have a good sleep. Everyday I only sleep for like 4 to 6 hours and sometimes just 3 hours...

Part of the reason is that I work at night and it's so difficult to sleep by day when everyone is awake, noisy doing things. I have tried so many things to put myself to sleep, tried valium (which I quit using due to unpleasant side effects), antihesthamines to alcohol...but still the same. It's like my inner clock is broken, that I'm automatically up after 4 to 5 hours of sleep and can no longer go back to the dreamland...

My oh my...if anyone among you knows the remedy, please do share it to me, mukha na akong zombie minsan...

Worse part per text of my friend...

"the scary thing about having insomnia is not the hours lost for sleeping...but actually the rerun of the thoughts you've been trying to run away from...

Monday, April 20, 2009


It's Monday and I just had, again a boring weekend. Nothing special, went out to a drinking session with some old friends and got kinda tipsy and tried to kiss someone just behind the door and almost got caught or maybe caught by another b8tch, ahhh F#$K...that's why I hate it when I get drunk because sometimes I do stupid things to people, stupid things I horribly regret the next day...anyways it's done, leave it there and move on, maybe do other things lolz!

NO!!!! the picture on the left is not me. It's someone I googled before making this entry. I just chose it because it represents the result of my diet and YES it's working wonderfully YEHEYYYYY!!! YES and YES and YES again, my bodybuilt is 98% the same as the picture on the left and after 2 months it became that pic on the right side and it feels soooo amazing, fulfilling and I'm like on natural high hahahahaha....I promise that next weekend I will post my before and after pic...

Wanna know how? ok the thing is I avoided carbo a.k.a. rice, I ate rice at least once a day only but lots of veggies or more ulam super-less rice, and hey I still eat a lot during weekends, my diet is only on weekdays. Also I still eat several times a day, just less, bawal magpabundat! and lastly NO MORE BEER!!!! number 1 yan na nakakalaki ng tyan. So if there's anyone else who wants to loose weight out there, just eat in moderation and do not starve yourself because it would only make you eat more, small feeding is the key.

Anyways, it's the first day of the week again and will get back to work tonight same sh#t 11pm to 8am. I am officially a nuctornal creature, like dracula, like a bat or a racoon? or a tarsier? scary huh! I might evolve to something like those lolz!
bye :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The British Invasion 3rd Wave

I have always been a fan of the reality show Britain's Got Talent and since it's not being shown here in the Philippines, I just get to watch the show online. Now, the 3rd season has officially began, the audition series have been broadcasted already.

One contestant that caught my attention again is 47 year old Susan Boyle...she is really the symbol of the saying "don't judge the book by it's cove"..


Modern society is too quick to judge people on their appearances. ... There is not much you can do about it; it is the way they think; it is the way they are. But maybe this could teach them a lesson, or set an example.

Susan Boyle


It's all over the news and I'm sure you guys know that ABS-CBN News Journalist-Broadcaster Ted Failon's wife had been shot in the head and currently fighting for her life at the New Era Hospital. A lot of speculations have come-out from this controversy including the question if it was an attempted suicide or an attempted homicide.

Ted Failon's statement said that he did not finish his radio show at DZMM after she spoke to his wife over the phone and immediately went home. When he arrived in their home he said the door to the bathroom was locked and when they were able to open it she found his bloodied wife lying on the floor. I'm not going to narrate all the details here because I'm sure you can find it elsewhere. I just want to share my point of view on this case.

And I see inconsistencies...

- He said he saw his wife bloodied and lying on the floor of their bathroom, brought her to the hospital but immediately left, news said he was wearing a bloodied shirt and a surgical mask to avoid identification by the media. My question, when your wife is shot in the head and fighting for her life, are you suppose to leave her in the hospital? what's more important than the life of your partner? is he suppose to do or clean something? because..

- when the police arrived at their residence, the bathroom where the wife was found had been cleaned already. Mr. Failon is an Educated Man, Broadcaster and former Congressman, he should know better, he should know that nobody should touch a crime scene until the experts examine it thourougly, by doing so is an obstruction of justice. Not unless he is trying to conceal something.

- he returned the gun to their bedroom instead of living it there for the police to check.

- the bullet entered in the wife's left temple yet the gun was found on the right side. i dont thing you shoot your left temple with your right hand, that's hard to do and wrong way of killing your self.

- the police found out that they had an argument on Tuesday night and allegedly the wife left but came back on Wednesday.

- the "suicide note" calls her Papa but uses "po". Is that normal? I mean does husbands and wives normally says po and opo to each other? specially in serious matters like when the wife is about to end her life?

these are just some of the questions I have...What do you think????

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hello Everyone!!!! Happy Easter!!!!

I'm at home bored and just infront of my PC so might as well do some blogging.

Last night was kinda fun, I went out with some friends and had some drinks plus the national past-time of pinoys "Videoke".

Anyways, a blogger named Ion Ignacio dropped by recently and as I checked his blog, I saw a very interesting entry. I says about Facebook and Youtube at work can increase productivity, check this link from Reuters. Well I have to agree with this, because it's always refreshing to surf outside work sites once in a while to clear our minds, refresh and then focus to work again, this does really help us concentrate better. Maybe I should email this link to our bosses at work since they blocked Friendster, MySpace, Youtube, Facebook etc.... months ago. Work sometimes can be stressful, boring, draining and pressuring, so we always need a break, be it a cigarette, food, a drink, fresh air or Facebook. But of course there should be a limitation to this, just as long as this does not become a habit, I guess this is fine.

Ok for my Monday treat I have to share the story of my friend's household help a.k.a katulong. Her name is Norma, shes' 34 and came all the way from my province, the island of Samar. She came to Manila of course to look for work and since Grade 1 lang ang natapos she ended up being a katulong, she doesn't know how to read either and can hardly write her name. I even asked her what made her sure of her age since she doesn't even remember her birthday, she grinly said she has this "papelita" or birth certificate kept at home, her little proof of her existence as a citizen of this country...tsk...tsk..poor Norma, I really pity her a lot, specially when she told me that she misses her 3 young kids she left behind with her husband who's a farmer.

Pity became hilariously funny when she told me that her husband is actually her second husband, and she said her first husband just left her without saying goodbye when she was about to give birth with her eldest child, and she's telling the story while laughing as if it was just a big joke. Inside I felt kinda envious of how simple her thinking is, seemed so out of complex. And then I asked why didn't she study, why Grade 1? she said she was destracted with boys at an early age, she got married when she was 15 years old, I said WHAATTT??? did your parents let you marry at that age? she said YES, MY PARENTS EVEN ARRANGED THE MARRIAGE, I mean WTF!!! then I realized that's their culture "up there" (she used to live in a remote barrio, in a mountain, 7 hours by foot) and she said she was "bought" by her first husband, I said bought? mmmm ohhh that's the dowry, it's an old filipino custom, now I understand.

The dowry was composed of a pig, 3 thousand pesos, 2 dozens of sardines and a nipa hut. Now how's that???? are you willing to get married for that dowry????
But what the heck!!! my point is we are so LUCKY!!! we have this kind of life but we still complain a lot, we still become so mean and selfish and uncontented. When I look at Norma, I learn to realize what I have and how to count my blessings.

Be well :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

biyernes santo


Good Friday, as in commemorating the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ...Processions, Fasting, Sacrifice, Reflection and anything religious...

But on the other hand, in the Filipino slang, Biyernes Santo could also mean different, as in "mukha kang biyernes santo" and i think i am on this category right now...


because while everybody is vacationing in Boracay (or nag-sasabunutan, nagbabatuhan or nang-aagaw na baril sa bora), in Bohol, Galera, Camsur etc... at ako naman nasaan???????

I'M WORKING!!! yes, so pathetic, it's like I'm not a Christian or something. Ito kasing mga amerikano, they do not celebrate this season, all they do is work and work and work...kaya ayun pati kami nadamay...specially my line of work. Anyways, I work for an american company that operates an online store so we have to be here when somebody calls or checks or website.

Worse is, it's so hard to get a taxi or take the bus!!! as in the roads are empty everyone is out trying to wash their sins and here i am, standing alone at walang mabilhan ng pagkain, stores are closed kahit tinapay wala and i can't cook naubos na gas sa bahay wala ding mabilhan!!!!!

McDonalds Emerald was open the whole day it's where I ate my breakfast and bought Hamdesal with Egg for my dinner, but when I woke-up nakita ko nilanggam ng todo ang pagkain.

So ang ending...gutom....water therapy...natuloy diet ko....

But tomorrow's Saturday...balik na sa dati yey!!! and I've decided that the Menu for the weekend will be....

Saturday: Bicol Express
Fried Fish
Ampalaya with Egg
Lumpiang Shanghai

Sunday: Pork Sinigang
Inihaw na bangus
Stir Fried Veggies

Pwede na ba?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a time to reflect...

It's holy week again...
The season of reflection and sacrifice and abstinence..

Our Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for our sins, he was crucified and died on the cross...sometimes I wonder was it worth it? am I worth sacrificing? are we worth sacrificing?

Although I am Catholic and a strong believer in Jesus Christ as my saviour, I have not been very religious lately...years ago when I was a teenager I used to sing in the church as a member of a choir. And I have to admit that it was the time when I really felt the strong foundation of being a christian..because I believe that if you want to experience the glory of God's power, to be inspired and to see the world in a different view, you have to practice your faith...

When I left and moved to a bigger city in Cebu and then here in Manila things have changed a in the big city can be very very different, can be tempting, can be wicked, can be consuming...I guess I was consumed by my need for comfort, money, earthly desires, lust, vanity and so on....

I just wish I could think of all these things everyday and gain control, not just today, not just during the season of lent...

Now, I ask myself, what am i willing to sacrifice? I'd make it simple and make a little list...

- sex is absolutely out this week
- meat is not an option and it will benefit me cuz i'm dieting
- alcohol
- i'll pray and meditate and really reflect on where this life is heading...i'm praying for guidance so that my life would not be focused on things that i want but rather things i need...
how about you, what are you willing to sacrifice?

Monday, April 6, 2009


First I want to say DO NOT WATCH THE LEAKED COPY!!!!!!

A few days ago I was able to read online that a copy of this movie was leaked to the internet. 20th Century Fox already made a statement that it was an early version of the movie with temporay sounds, without many and with unfinished effects etc...


Last Saturday I made one big mistake of buying a pirated copy, I was on my way to KFC when I saw a street vendor selling "DVD copies" of this movie. I got one for PHP35.00 and went home to watch it. I was excited because I have been waiting for this movie for a long time, but I was DISMAYED, FRAUSTRATED AND PISSED when I watched it.

20th Century Fox's statement is 100% true, this is an early version with unfinished effects. If you watch this, it's going to spoil everything including all your excitement.

Why? in one scene you can see Wolverine's Claw in one angle and the next angle it doesn't show. You can still see those strings or safety harness on their backs and a lot of animation like images, a clear indication that the movie is not yet done, it just looks a like a very cheap budgeted movie.

So again, if you are an avid X-MEN fan, just be patient and wait till it's shown on cinemas this May. Whoever stole this copy must be jailed or maybe crucified this holy week!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I finally got my coke shirt :)...

I've loved this shirt ever since I saw it on TV and in Bench Stores and now I have mine, thanks to Paul who got 3 free shirts from 3 tansans lolz! It's a bench shirt but doesn't have the best quality, but whatever, I still love it!!!

It's Friday and almost holy week, a time for reflection...and I have finally stopped praying about winning the lotto, lecheng lotto yan sobrang ilap!!!!

I also thought of quiting my job and finding something else, and as expected each time I plan on resigning, something always comes up, be it salary increase, a bonus or whatever...and now another thing came, makes me reconsider everything...

Lord...will you let me work abroad? should I work abroad? I need some signs please, this have been a long pending plan and you know I almost left for Doha, Qatar kung di lang ako binarat ng lintek na bombay na sales manager malamang nandun na ako sa disyerto...

I know that money isn't everything, and it cannot but happiness blah! blah! blah! but come on, kelangan ko yan ngayon specially with the global crisis...I still have this dream of putting-up my own restaurant, of going to culinary school and taking a crash course in business...

Things to do this weekend?

- DVD marathon, maghanap ng magagandang pirated movie
- Again, clean-up my room (long delayed sked, but i've started cleaning the floor)
- Get a foot-spa
- Tumaya uli ng lotto sa Sunday
- Focus on my diet
- Ubusin ang kalahating boteng tequila, left-over from last weekend
- Get a hair-cut
- Call Mom
- Pray
- Be Good :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

any other fool...

Since nothing special happened today...I'm gonna share a nice song I heard over the radio for many times but didn't know the title and the artist until now...and to my surprise, the singer is one of my favorite Patti Austin, now wonder the voices sounded so familiar...

The title of this song is Any other fool (click to download the song)

And it says something like this....

I couldn’t see paradise right before my eyes
And when I had you here by my side
I didn’t know that no one else could ever take your place
But now I know
I know that I should have stayed
And seeing you tonight
I only wonder why
I ever said goodbye

Any other fool would never walk away
Even a fool would still be there holding you
Any other fool would know I never should have let you go
I had it all as any fool could see
Any other fool but me

Any one else never would have let the feeling die
Any one else would have fought to keep it alive
If they were in my shoes
They’d know the love we had was love too good to lose

Any other fool would never walk away
Even a fool would still be there holding you
Any other fool would know I never should have let you go
I had it all when you were loving me
I had it all as any fool could see
Any other fool but me
I had it all when you were loving me (had all the love I ever need)
I had it all as any fool could see (any other fool but me)

Any other fool would never walk away (any other fool)
Even a fool would still be there holding you
Any other fool would know I never should have let you go
I had it all as any fool could see
Any other fool but me

Any other fool but me

Even a fool would still be there holding you
Any other fool would know I never should have let you go
I had it all as any fool could see
Any other fool but me

***this song is about wrong choices we made, things we should have done but didn't until it's too late....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what do you live for?

believing in a love that's wrong...

saving your best for someone who can never give enough for you...

hoping for a miracle for something that is hopeless...

kept on looking back and unable to move on...

hurting yourself by loving someone you know you can never have...

don't you think it's time to move on?

don't you think it's time to pick-up the pieces and say "next time i'll be better?"

sometimes it's not right to keep on loving, not when love gives you nothing but pain...

sometimes it's not wise to hold-on, when you can no longer find reason other than love... that love that made you cry...