Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chrismas is finally over....and it was wonderful as always..

Now, we had our Christmas Party at the (In)Famous Embassy Super Club in The Fort. See the pic on the left? that's me and my friend Kel singing "time of our life" soundtrack of the movie "Dirty Dancing", our theme for the party is retro so the ambiance is from the 70's, 80's and 90's..

It was my first to go to that club and I was kinda excited maybe because I've heard a lot of things about that place, stories of the troubles of Borgy Manotoc, the Gucci Gang's alleged "scandal", the rumoured drug use on its private rooms etc...

Well, the place is actually nice, they got a separate room for smokers and the place for dancing is smoke free (unless the smokers area is closed people can smoke anywhere). I also saw the way going to the private rooms though I did not go inside any room. But hey, the drinks are outrageously expensive tsk... a bottle of SanMig Light would cost you P120, a bottle of Mineral Water is P75 and a glass of cocktail drink is P250, now what is that!!!!!

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