Thursday, August 13, 2009

working and having fun

I never thought working could be this fun :)

After I quit my job in an american company (thanks to the US recession) I decided to look for a homebased work and a friend suggested Everything was tricky at first because you have to take the so called "readiness test" before you can proceed to apply. I did pass that test after taking it several times, well only 5 times lolz! I mean, the answers are all there but I was tired of reading all those things. Anyways I passed and took some other tests to make my profile more attractive. And then BINGO!!! I found myself some work, oh yeah 3 jobs actually, one regular job and 2 part-time jobs.

The first one is kinda noble so to speak...I was hired by a Norwegian Non-Profit Organization called Taransvar and their main purpose is to alleviate world poverty. See? I'm now an agent for helping and uplifting the poor. My job is to call companies in South Africa (the nicest people I have ever dealt with, EVER!!!!) and to sell communication devices like cordless phone connections with internet access. It's actually a new project, so we are still in the process of testing the market.

The second one is a part-time job with an Indian Company called SB Corp and I write articles for web content. Money is not actually big but it's just a part-time work and I am being trained to be a good writer for websites lolz!

The third one is so cool for me and I love doing it. My employer is a British guy who operates a website about Asian Movies, Actors and other news. I contribute articles, reviews and other things. So what I do is just watch asian movies and write about them and then earn something, isn't that cool?

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