Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WoULD thiS StOP yOu from Voting foR thEM???

RaMiele MalUBay

our very own filipina contestant has this photo recently circulating the internet. allegedly taken from her facebook account, though if you check facebook, you can no longer find her account. apparently it has been deleted already...

but personally, i couldn't see anything wrong this picture...all i see is a teenager having fun and fooling around with her friends.. at least it's not a nude pic like the scandals from some tweety sweety teenage stars huh!


iSSUE No. 2

dAvId hErNAnDez

it's now confirmed that he's gay and was a stripper in Arizona...with matching pic....tsk..

well, i'm not certain about the rules of american idol, but in my point of view? im still voting for the talent...the work he had was only a mean for survival...and now that he has been given a chance to show his talent and shine...

should we deprive him???

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