Wednesday, February 27, 2008


span style="color:#339999;">na hala sugod na pud ta.....this week's performances, here are my top faves...

of course the invincible DaVId

amazing performance, great vocals he even made paula abdul cry wahhhh.... i sincerely believe that this kid is going to be the next idol...and hey you wanna have an mp3 copy of the song? right click the mp3 link below and save target as..

David singing Imagine (right click and save target as)

Next....DaVid HernAndez

finally this guy is showing some improvement and he finally impressed cowell...

here's the link to the mp3 file of his performance:
Papa was a Rolling Stone (right click ans save target as)

then there was JaSon CasTro...

he sang a song by andy gibb "i just want to be your everything" which you can download here (right click and save target as)

ok my 4th choice MiCHAel JoHNs

the 29 year old aussie sang "you can go your own way" mp3 can be downloaded below:

you can go your own way mp3 (right click then save target as)

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