Friday, February 22, 2008

JOSIAH leming

for those guys who have been watching american we know season 7 battle has began with our very own ramielle malubay, a sushi waitress from miramar, florida...she's proudly pinoy and even mentioned regine velasquez as one of her musical influences and her favorite singer...
and there were the hush-hush that danny noriega and david archuleta have pinoy blood as well, but it remains to be confirmed....tingin ko parang hindi eh, murag lahi ra!!!
but wait wait wait....there was this one guy who caught my and say people's attention...his name is josiah leming.. an 18 year old homeless guy who's been living in his car for over a year since he left home...he's a native of tennessee but he auditioned in atlanta..he passed the hollywood round but he didn't make it to the top 24...sayang kaayo tsk...i personally think that this guy has a real talent and he write songs...proof of this is when he was eliminated from ai7 he guested on the ellen de generes and sang one of his compositions, the song entitled "to run"...the song is kinda cool and sounded fresh..and i believe we're gonn be seeing more of this guy.... if you wanna check the song here is the link to download: josia TO RUN

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