Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WhAt HapPeNED oN tHe HouSe oF CaRtERS

im sure you guys remember AaRON cARTeR very well...the cutie litlle boy who sang Surfing USA and Crazy Little Party (farty) Girl...

the thing is...people really grow up including the cute little ones tsk...and things change a lot...the voice, looks and specially the WAY PEOPLE BEHAVE WHEN THEY GROW UP!!!!

the once upon a time cutie Aaron Carter was recently arrested (feb. 21, 08) in Texas for speeding and the authorities found some marijuana on his car..so sad, so bad...what happens to kids when they grow up...they change from this:

TO THIS???!!!!

i wonder what's next!

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helloishi said...

omfg, what the hell happened to him?!