Saturday, February 23, 2008

eAzY n smOOTH

and now it's saturday night and im stucked and f*&%d.. boring..boring...boring....and i don't even wanna get drunk cuz i'm trying to loose weight huh!

anyways, after watching (would you believe) 6 dvds...i scanned a box of old stuff and i saw a cd of joey mcintyre, yeah that guy from nkotb years ago.... see the pic?

well, ive read somewhere that...

jon knight left the music industry and entered the real estate business
jordan knight the bro still performs and tours
donnie wahlberg as we know entered the movies though not as popular as his bro mark
then danny wood became a record producer based in boston
and lastly there's joey mcintyre, the youngest in the group...see the pic?

since the group's split joey has released a solo album Stay the same and scored a top 10 hit with the title track..he also went into the television via Boston Public and movies through On Broadway (which trailer you can check here:on broadway trailer

the latest record he released was a cover album (2006) songs like moonriver, bewitched and the way you look tonight. its kinda cool and relaxing and i thought i'd share a couple of songs which you can download here:BeWitcheD and MoOnRiveR

till next time :)

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