Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas

I just finished watching this very touching movie "the boy in striped pyjamas"..

The story is set during World War 2. An innocent boy, the son of a Nazi Commander who befriends a jewish boy in a concentration camp. At first the boy thought the camp was a farm where other people live and where he could find friends to play with. The name of the boy is Bruno, a nice little man who is fund of adventure books and wants to be an explorer. At first he thought people in the farm are weird because they wear pyjamas all the time, until he met the jewish boy named Shmuel who enlightened him about the horrors of the camp.

Bruno always wonder why there was that odd smell coming from what he thought chimneys of the farm, little did he know that that smell came from the gas chambers where the Jews were being killed and burned. When Bruno's mother realized that it was a labor camp and that people are being slaughtered there, she decided to take the children away, Bruno along with her sister. But before that could happen, Bruno decided to visit Shmuel and help him find his missing father. He changes his clothes and wiggles under the fence and is now in the camp with Shmuel wearing same striped pyjamas that the prisoners wear.

Bruno comes to realise that the camp is completely the opposite of what he saw in the propaganda film and wants to return, but Shmuel encourages him to continue helping to find his father. While they look in Shmuel's hut a group of Nazi soldiers arrives and marches all those inside (including Bruno and Shmuel) to a low concrete building. The men and boys are made to undress, supposedly for a shower, packed together in a gas chamber, and killed.

When Bruno's parents realized he is missing, they run to the camp and try to find him. They find Bruno's clothes next to the hole under the fence. The Father runs throughout the camp and discovers an empty hut, and, reaching the gas chamber, concludes that Bruno has been brought to the gas chamber with a group of Jews. When Bruno's father arrives the boys are already dead and he is devastated. Upon hearing the father's cry of "Bruno!" the mother and Bruno's sister realize what has happened and are equally devastated. A last shot showing the undressing room with many camp uniforms reminds the viewer that the tragedy is not just Bruno and Shmuel's death, but that of many other Jewish people during the holocaust of World War II.

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