Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I"m Back


As I mentioned on my previous entry, I went to Cagayan de Oro for a few days to attend the wedding of my dear cousin Dinah. The wedding was pretty simple but happy and elegant. Simple because only families from both sides, relatives and close friends were invited to attend, Happy and Elegant because my cousin looked so pretty in her gown and the groom looked his best as well.

I arrived in Cagayan last Friday at almost 3pm, thanks to CebuPac though our flight was delayed and kinda scary because the weather isn't that good when I left, the plane was kinda shaky and as always, I'm scared of flying. When I arrived in Cagayan, the weather eventually changed, it was so humid out there and the getting a taxi was ridiculously expensive, they charged 250 pesos from the airport to the city (250 is the lowest possible price). Then I saw everyone, cousins, uncles, relatives and friends whom I haven't seen in 8 years, and the never ending "kumusta ka na?" goes....

Day 2 Iligan City

Right after the wedding we left Cagayan for Iligan City. I missed the place so much, the last time I was there was when my Aunt died and it was 2001, a lot of things has changed since I last visited, good thing it was peaceful already. A couple of months ago the city was bombed several times allegedly by Muslim Insurgents.
And of course as planned, we went swimming to Timoga Swimming Pools where the water was so inviting, so cold and so refreshing. The water from the pools came from the mountains and they have an overflowing supply so the water in the pools changes all the time, it just flows...I really wish we could have something like it here in Manila. Ansarap ng tubig as in sobra!!!!
Ok now, my next trip is in July and I'm going to the island of Samar.

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