Monday, June 1, 2009



Oh yes, she was in Channel 5 last night on Lucy Torres' show Shall We Dance. She's grooving into some ballroom dances.
Who would have thought? Years ago she was just an ordinary tindera ng isda or something but thanks to Manny, she's now on TV and have the most expensive jewelries and was able to travel to Las Vegas to support his son. We trully cannot tell a person's destiny, we do not know what awaits us tomorrow.
The Pacquiao family is really an inspiration for people to dream, to aim high and to never give up. They make us realize that dreams can come true, that there is a chance for us to be whatever we want to be, there is just of course loads of hardwork, persistence, determination and prayers that goes with it.
So, let's go on dreaming. Not to be a world famous boxer or to dance ballroom on TV, but whatever it is that we have in our hearts. Lets be inspired not just by the Pacquiao family but for the thought that there is always hope out there, a little hope that we can hit it big, that we can go big time.
As for me, I won't stop, I'll always move on...I know I'll get to that dream...then when the time is up to retire, I would just be in a beach enjoying the view and having a drink...

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