Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Me and my cousins all went to UK yesteday..

Yes, UK...a.k.a Ukay-ukay... somewhere in Munumento. I went with them to find something cool, like vintage stuff that I can't find in the shopping malls or it would be damn expensive in some shops...and there you see pinag-tripan ko ang isang fur styled jacket lolz!!! First of all, it's really itchy, maybe because it needs thorough washing or maybe I'm not used of wearing something with feather like things or maybe it's just itchy... Anyways, I took a couple of pics of me wearing it just to check if I would look cool in it and I think I looked Ok, I thought of the people who will see me wearing that jacket when I take the bus or MRT lolz!~

Then I ended up buying this one at Php200, it's actually a good buy, kakarating lang daw ng stocks kaya mahal ng konti. I love the texture at talagang magagamit sa work hehehehe..

According to Kuyang Tindero there, the trick is go to Ukay-ukay when their new stocks have just arrived so you can really pick the very good ones, it would be kinda expensive but those are real good stuff. Then after two weeks their prices would slip a bit to encourage more customers but the items will be "pinagpilian na"...

Jologs na kung jologs but sometimes going to these places is fun, you can really check-out some cool outfits, out of this world designs at a very cheap price. You just have wash it real hard to get rid of that distinctive UK smell (oh yeah the smell that makes me sneeze to the highest level)


Curbside Puppet said...

mapunta nga sa UK ulit. its been like forever since i last went inside one, let alone shopping.

fLiPPed aWAy said...

go lang ng go!!!

Stacey said...

I can remember my trips to the UK during my college days! I don't have much lunch money so I have to stick with really cheap stuff.

One thing I always bring when I go there is antihistamine because I can't stand my allergic rhinitis due to that distinctive smell.