Saturday, May 16, 2009

wazup with me?

First of all I'm happy that it's weekend...yet it's going to be a hectic and exhausting one. I'm off from work at 8AM, oh yeah I'm still on graveyard shift...But I'm kinda excited cuz I'm finally getting my tickets for my local trip this year yeheyyy!!!!

First is June 5th, I'll be in Cagayan de Oro City, The City of Golden Friendship. I'll be just attending the wedding of my dear cousin but at the same time I'll try my best to experience their rafting and water trekking. Then, I'll drop by my mom's home place, Iligan City, the City of waterfalls, and swim the cold waters of Timoga Swimming Pools. Then be back here in Manila by June 8th.

Second trip will be on July 22nd. I'll be home to attend our town fiesta, and you know when you're a filipino and probinsyano, fiesta is really a big deal to you. It's one of the season where you can see old friends, relatives etc...oh and when I say home I meant my sleepy wonderful town Sta. Margarita, Samar, that's like 18 hours travel by bus and more than an hour by plane and thank you Cebu Pacific air for the cheap tickets :)

Third is November 25th, I'll be in my second home, the queen city of the south, the wonderful CEBU. It has been my devotion to visit the queen city every year. The city I love and miss so very much it hurts awwww!!! I spent 15 wonderful years in Cebu, I was educated there, education in almost all aspects, in school and in the real world. I do miss my friends there a lot and I think of them all the time, maybe I'm crazy but I always imagine waking-up in the morning and taking a stroll in Jones Ave. or in Colon or maybe just in Urgello to buy some food, grab a drink and hang-out with friends. Sometimes I try not to look at Cebu Pictures online because it brings back memories and I'm kinda hurt that I can't be there because my life is now here in Manila... I still plan to buy a nice house there someday soon.

But meantime, I'll to enjoy my chaotic weekend...I'll meet a friend at 1pm (still sleepless) then I'll be judging a dance contest in Mandaluyong wahahahahah!!!!

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