Saturday, May 2, 2009

pilipins my pilipins

ba't ganun????

I'd like to start my entry with that question...

I know in my heart that we have a great country, but ba't ganun???

Jun Lozada is in jail...the person who had the courage to expose the anomaly and corruption of the ZTE deal. The person who became an inspiration to filipinos, that somehow there is still a slim chance for honesty, that somehow not everyone can be consumed by greed for money...and now he is behind bars, and the people he accused of dishonesty, of corruption is out there enjoying their power and their freedom.

Is this the price for going out and telling the truth in this country?

Would you still be honest and tell the truth for the sake of the filipino people if you know that you would only end-up in jail?

Now, what kind of country are we running here...what kind of freedom are we supposed to enjoy?

And why him??? why is that guy who is accused of malversation of funds of a pre-need company not in jail?

Why is that husband of the most powerful woman in this country accused of corruption and money laundering and using his connections and power for personal benefits not in jail?

Or why is that guy who is accused of the multi-million fertilizer scam still out there? inspite of the overwhelming evidence that he masterminded the scam...

Well let me say this, I hope you all die! so we, Jun Lozada and the rest can move on with our lives in our wonderful country.


alimuom.atbp said...

kaka-bad trep nga etong nangyayari etu. 'yung nag-sinungaleng pa tungkol sa Hello Garci tapes ang may kakapalan ng mukha na mag-diin kay Jun.

fLiPPed aWAy said...

exactly! parang nakakawala ng pag-asa at tiwala sa gobyerno

:: cb :: said...

i was a little shocked, too when i heard about this. poor guy.

Rolly said...

I don't believed on him. He is very dramatic.