Monday, May 4, 2009


When I made my post early today, I thought that was it for Monday...I'm gonna eat and then rest the whole day because I have to work tonight. Then I went to watch my Favorite British reality show Britain's Got Talent on Youtube. But later on I smelled something, like somethin's burning somewhere and I first thought of my kitchen because once I left the stove open for 4 hours, I was cooking and then I forgot to turn it off, oh yeah stupid me!

But I remember turning it off this time. So I thought something was terribly wrong, I looked outside my window and saw this!!!!

The garment factory just across my building is on fire. I didn't panic at first because I thought it's not that close to where I stay, it's a few meters away but on the other side of the street and I also stay on the 4th floor. I went to get my camera to take a few pictures and when I looked back at the window, I was horrified...smoke was everywhere. The wind direction is through my building so the smoke got into my room so quickly. I couldn't see anything and my eyes was hurting. PANIC MODE!!!!!!


I managed to lock my door grab my wallet, phone and ran downstairs!!!!

Good thing those firemen were able to take control quickly...nobody died, I'm not sure if anyone got hurt or what's the cause of the fire (katatapos nga lang eh) But I'm relieved that I'm still in one piece and no one is hurt.

Later I'll try to be a reporter and check what happened down there.

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