Monday, May 4, 2009

proudly pinoy

Manny Pacquiao's latest victory came as no surprise, people have expected him to win. As a matter of fact, anywhere you go, you can hardly find anyone who would bet against him. My officemates just bet on how many rounds would it take for Manny to knock Hatton down...and indeed in two very short rounds Hatton was literally knocked-out.

Manny has now become a phenomenon, a national inspiration and almost everyone who is associated with him becomes known to the public or at least become news ( look at Nanay Dionisia, Freddy Roach, Jinkee and their kids, Ara Mina, Chavit Singson etc..)

And it's amazing how road traffic slows and almost zero crime records in Manila area each time he has a fight. This only shows how proud Filipinos are, that one of us is out there representing us in the world of boxing. Each fight is a fight of our country and each win is a triumph of each one of us.

I just hope that when all this is over, when the boxing gloves are kept in the closet, when the lights are off...we should still remember how Manny Pacquiao gave us the honor, the pride and the inspiration that dreams can come true, that no matter how simple your life is, no matter who and that you are, there is always a little glimpse of hope that you can be whatever you want to be...just look at Manny...

Careful though Manny, this country has a history of persicuting those who inspire, those who give mentioned on my last post...careful Manny...we love you so just be careful who to trust....

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