Friday, May 8, 2009

Reyna Emperatriz????

Are you serious Rustom? ah mm I mean BB???

Ok here's the issue...

I know that almost everyone has heard that Rustom Padilla now known as BB Gandanghari was not allowed to get inside Aruba Bar (located in Metro Walk along Meralco Ave. in Ortigas) beacuse the bar has a strict policy when it comes to cross-dressing and we all know that BB has been wearing fancy clothes since he became the "woman" as he claims he is. This incident is not the first because Inday Garutay had the same experience before with the same bar. Again, they have a strict policy with this matter. As expected, BB protested, saying he was there for an invitation of a friend Rannie Raymundo who's having a show, but he was never allowed. And so he went away and then blogged the incident on his blogspot. On his blog, he strongly stressed that he was not violating anything or any dresscode because he is not a man wearing a woman's clothes but she is a "woman", no violation whatsoever....(If you wanna know more about this story check the internet, it's all over google).

Anyways, this post is not just about BB and his Aruba Bar incident. Few minutes ago I checked at PEP, that BB has accepted the offer to be the REYNA EMPERATRIZ at a Malabon Sagala ng mga Bading. Well I can't help but say MY OH MY! I thought he said he's a woman and if you're a woman, why join Gay's Santacruzan? isn't it supposed to feature gays? Well, this only means acceptance that he is one of them. A comment on BB's blog said that while he has that "shaft" between his legs he will never be a woman, or in my point of view, come on BB, being a woman is all in your mind, no matter what you do you can never be one. You can act like one but you are not one, you know why? because you are a man, you were born a man and that you have to accept it so that people can accept you as well. I guess people right now understand that you are out trying to prove something, maybe you're trying to prove something to yourself, just maybe. But for people, we have seen so much like you. We have seen gays struggle for acceptance, and they we're accepted by people because they are being themselves, they are respected and not ridiculed because they showed to people that they can be respected as well. I think people would love and admire you more if you tell people that yes, you're gay and you're loving it.

I'm not saying I'm right but this is just my opinion.


mr.loser said...

OMG this is really bad. Everyone should have an equal chance in life! Woman. man. Transgender. either. it doesn't matter. EVERYONE is human and shares the same emotions!


fLiPPed aWAy said...

hello mr. loser, thanks for your comment. i know that everyone should have an equal chance in life. it's just that we have a different culture here in my country, we respect and love our gay friends, but this issue is different, he says he's not gay but a woman and he used to be a popular leading man in the movies. here in our country a woman does not join the sagala of gays, its a cultural thing we celebrate every may, joining that kind of gay parade means admitting he's gay but he says he's not. i think its just a matter of acceptance, to himself and to the people. take care

jericho said...

two different issues i think: the aruba bar incident was really unfortunate. i think dress codes pertain more to how appropriate your dress is to the place .. and not to your gender. which is the second issue that i think, even for lgbt's, is still in the process of defining.

Anonymous said...

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