Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's all over the news and I'm sure you guys know that ABS-CBN News Journalist-Broadcaster Ted Failon's wife had been shot in the head and currently fighting for her life at the New Era Hospital. A lot of speculations have come-out from this controversy including the question if it was an attempted suicide or an attempted homicide.

Ted Failon's statement said that he did not finish his radio show at DZMM after she spoke to his wife over the phone and immediately went home. When he arrived in their home he said the door to the bathroom was locked and when they were able to open it she found his bloodied wife lying on the floor. I'm not going to narrate all the details here because I'm sure you can find it elsewhere. I just want to share my point of view on this case.

And I see inconsistencies...

- He said he saw his wife bloodied and lying on the floor of their bathroom, brought her to the hospital but immediately left, news said he was wearing a bloodied shirt and a surgical mask to avoid identification by the media. My question, when your wife is shot in the head and fighting for her life, are you suppose to leave her in the hospital? what's more important than the life of your partner? is he suppose to do or clean something? because..

- when the police arrived at their residence, the bathroom where the wife was found had been cleaned already. Mr. Failon is an Educated Man, Broadcaster and former Congressman, he should know better, he should know that nobody should touch a crime scene until the experts examine it thourougly, by doing so is an obstruction of justice. Not unless he is trying to conceal something.

- he returned the gun to their bedroom instead of living it there for the police to check.

- the bullet entered in the wife's left temple yet the gun was found on the right side. i dont thing you shoot your left temple with your right hand, that's hard to do and wrong way of killing your self.

- the police found out that they had an argument on Tuesday night and allegedly the wife left but came back on Wednesday.

- the "suicide note" calls her Papa but uses "po". Is that normal? I mean does husbands and wives normally says po and opo to each other? specially in serious matters like when the wife is about to end her life?

these are just some of the questions I have...What do you think????

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