Monday, April 20, 2009


It's Monday and I just had, again a boring weekend. Nothing special, went out to a drinking session with some old friends and got kinda tipsy and tried to kiss someone just behind the door and almost got caught or maybe caught by another b8tch, ahhh F#$K...that's why I hate it when I get drunk because sometimes I do stupid things to people, stupid things I horribly regret the next day...anyways it's done, leave it there and move on, maybe do other things lolz!

NO!!!! the picture on the left is not me. It's someone I googled before making this entry. I just chose it because it represents the result of my diet and YES it's working wonderfully YEHEYYYYY!!! YES and YES and YES again, my bodybuilt is 98% the same as the picture on the left and after 2 months it became that pic on the right side and it feels soooo amazing, fulfilling and I'm like on natural high hahahahaha....I promise that next weekend I will post my before and after pic...

Wanna know how? ok the thing is I avoided carbo a.k.a. rice, I ate rice at least once a day only but lots of veggies or more ulam super-less rice, and hey I still eat a lot during weekends, my diet is only on weekdays. Also I still eat several times a day, just less, bawal magpabundat! and lastly NO MORE BEER!!!! number 1 yan na nakakalaki ng tyan. So if there's anyone else who wants to loose weight out there, just eat in moderation and do not starve yourself because it would only make you eat more, small feeding is the key.

Anyways, it's the first day of the week again and will get back to work tonight same sh#t 11pm to 8am. I am officially a nuctornal creature, like dracula, like a bat or a racoon? or a tarsier? scary huh! I might evolve to something like those lolz!
bye :D


PoPoY said...

o hai there bossing. salamat sa pagsilip sa blog ko. sana hindi ka nagkakuliti. bwahahaha.

sakto yung post mo. ang laki ng tyan ko. yun lang naman problem ko. i ate rice kasi sobra. maybe i'll try yang ginawa mo. pero sana kaya ko. hahaha

fLiPPed aWAy said...

hey poy, thanks for the comment. i actually love your blog, me and my friends were laughing our lungs out here in the office while reading the entries. kakaiba kasi!

anyways, madali lang mag-diet if you really set your mind on loosing weight, we have to admit di maganda pag mataba, bad for our health at di pa maganda pomorma. disiplina lang lolz! ingat parati