Monday, April 6, 2009


First I want to say DO NOT WATCH THE LEAKED COPY!!!!!!

A few days ago I was able to read online that a copy of this movie was leaked to the internet. 20th Century Fox already made a statement that it was an early version of the movie with temporay sounds, without many and with unfinished effects etc...


Last Saturday I made one big mistake of buying a pirated copy, I was on my way to KFC when I saw a street vendor selling "DVD copies" of this movie. I got one for PHP35.00 and went home to watch it. I was excited because I have been waiting for this movie for a long time, but I was DISMAYED, FRAUSTRATED AND PISSED when I watched it.

20th Century Fox's statement is 100% true, this is an early version with unfinished effects. If you watch this, it's going to spoil everything including all your excitement.

Why? in one scene you can see Wolverine's Claw in one angle and the next angle it doesn't show. You can still see those strings or safety harness on their backs and a lot of animation like images, a clear indication that the movie is not yet done, it just looks a like a very cheap budgeted movie.

So again, if you are an avid X-MEN fan, just be patient and wait till it's shown on cinemas this May. Whoever stole this copy must be jailed or maybe crucified this holy week!


pogingpayatot said...

hahaha my friend watched it last night and he was pissed, too.

fLiPPed aWAy said...

exactly! badtrip nga nasira tuloy excitement ko, antagal ko pa naman hinintay to...

kcatwoman said...

i totally agree with u, there's no sense seeing the leaked version cause it's still unfinished. dapat mag intay para mas special at mas pinaghirapan.