Saturday, April 11, 2009

biyernes santo


Good Friday, as in commemorating the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ...Processions, Fasting, Sacrifice, Reflection and anything religious...

But on the other hand, in the Filipino slang, Biyernes Santo could also mean different, as in "mukha kang biyernes santo" and i think i am on this category right now...


because while everybody is vacationing in Boracay (or nag-sasabunutan, nagbabatuhan or nang-aagaw na baril sa bora), in Bohol, Galera, Camsur etc... at ako naman nasaan???????

I'M WORKING!!! yes, so pathetic, it's like I'm not a Christian or something. Ito kasing mga amerikano, they do not celebrate this season, all they do is work and work and work...kaya ayun pati kami nadamay...specially my line of work. Anyways, I work for an american company that operates an online store so we have to be here when somebody calls or checks or website.

Worse is, it's so hard to get a taxi or take the bus!!! as in the roads are empty everyone is out trying to wash their sins and here i am, standing alone at walang mabilhan ng pagkain, stores are closed kahit tinapay wala and i can't cook naubos na gas sa bahay wala ding mabilhan!!!!!

McDonalds Emerald was open the whole day it's where I ate my breakfast and bought Hamdesal with Egg for my dinner, but when I woke-up nakita ko nilanggam ng todo ang pagkain.

So ang ending...gutom....water therapy...natuloy diet ko....

But tomorrow's Saturday...balik na sa dati yey!!! and I've decided that the Menu for the weekend will be....

Saturday: Bicol Express
Fried Fish
Ampalaya with Egg
Lumpiang Shanghai

Sunday: Pork Sinigang
Inihaw na bangus
Stir Fried Veggies

Pwede na ba?

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