Saturday, April 4, 2009


I finally got my coke shirt :)...

I've loved this shirt ever since I saw it on TV and in Bench Stores and now I have mine, thanks to Paul who got 3 free shirts from 3 tansans lolz! It's a bench shirt but doesn't have the best quality, but whatever, I still love it!!!

It's Friday and almost holy week, a time for reflection...and I have finally stopped praying about winning the lotto, lecheng lotto yan sobrang ilap!!!!

I also thought of quiting my job and finding something else, and as expected each time I plan on resigning, something always comes up, be it salary increase, a bonus or whatever...and now another thing came, makes me reconsider everything...

Lord...will you let me work abroad? should I work abroad? I need some signs please, this have been a long pending plan and you know I almost left for Doha, Qatar kung di lang ako binarat ng lintek na bombay na sales manager malamang nandun na ako sa disyerto...

I know that money isn't everything, and it cannot but happiness blah! blah! blah! but come on, kelangan ko yan ngayon specially with the global crisis...I still have this dream of putting-up my own restaurant, of going to culinary school and taking a crash course in business...

Things to do this weekend?

- DVD marathon, maghanap ng magagandang pirated movie
- Again, clean-up my room (long delayed sked, but i've started cleaning the floor)
- Get a foot-spa
- Tumaya uli ng lotto sa Sunday
- Focus on my diet
- Ubusin ang kalahating boteng tequila, left-over from last weekend
- Get a hair-cut
- Call Mom
- Pray
- Be Good :)


James said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

fLiPPed aWAy said...

actually kinda boring but it's ok. i would have been to cebu but this f*$k@ng US recession stopped me. anyways, thanks for your comments :)