Monday, April 27, 2009

saHod Na BUKAS!

It's Monday the 27th, again I had a boring weekend just stayed at home and watched TV... primarily because I don't have the budget to go out and there isn't much new pirated DVDs to buy...bukas pa ang sahod the 28th..

Speaking of Sahod, did you know that when you get your payslip and thoroughly internalize the computation your blood pressure can rise up to the highest level??? Oh yeah specially when you're single like me.. the Income tax of a single person can be as high as 30%, YES!!! 30% OF YOUR INCOME GOES TO THE GOVERNMENT SO TO SPEAK!!! and that really sucks!!!!

I'm working as a horse and the government gets nearly half of what I earn, in exchange of what??? traffic?? flooding in our areas with just slight rain??? pockets of curropt officials???

This is one of the most disgusting thing in our system, nagpapakiharap tayong magtrabaho tapos 30% ng kinikita natin kinukuha sa atin eh sila lang ang nagpapasarap. I once said that if I'm gonna give them that much, they should have provided me a nice car na susundo sa akin sa bahay papuntang work, lintek sila...konting ulan lang binabaha agad ang metro manila..hahayyyy what the F*CK is gonna happen to our lives here in this country...

is still there a chance??? by voting for the right one or the less evil one in next year's election make a difference??? but how would we know??? who has and who hasn't the longest horn and tail...

or should we just leave this land and work somewhere else? like abroad? i planned that already and i might go with that option...even if i know that it's gonna be sad, because I'm a believer that happiness is when you live in your motherland.... tell me you're gonna be happy living in a foreign land where you're the only one colored among your neighbors, you're earning very good and have the best government but you are being treated as a second class citizen..

tang*na, kahit yata saan magpunta me kalintikang mangyayari...

GMA? ERAP? tell me the difference, is there?

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