Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bday ni vk

Oh yeah, it's mami VK's birthday...there's pasta one with meat sauce ala spaghetti and the other one is with white sauce and tuna equally yummy...and of course the traditional cake na tag Php117 ang ambag namin lolz!!!

Happy Birthday Mami VK and thanks for the food, and by the way I look so fat in that pic F&#K!!!! I swear I lost a few lbs already, I've been dieting and starving myself for over a week now. No more beer, very small amount of carbo only, lots of apples and I really make an effort to control my craving, I promise on my next post I will post a pic where I don't look that heavy anymore. I guess it's the shirt, it's yellow and with horizontal stripes imprint, that's why....

Last Saturday I went out with Manilyn & Jasmin, we had dinner at Krocodile Grill that's in Greenbelt, I'll post the details maybe tomorrow with some pics....

Also...early today I watched the trailer of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and it's Fu*&ing awesome ANLUPEEETTTT!!! Everybody should check out the trailer, just search for it at Youtube or the official website of that movie. I can't wait till it is showing here in Manila...kahit mahal ang sine manonood pa rin ako!!!!

I had a fight with someone last Saturday and I got so pissed, worst thing is I did not fight back, I just shut my mouth cuz I know it was the best thing to do. Shutting up is not me at all, I normally fight back, I always retaliate most specially if I know that I am not at fault. But this time I didn't, I guess its because the timing, it was 2AM and it happened in my room, it would be a big scene if I fought back...I still feel bad about it, gusto ko tumabla....pero I just need to let it go and move on. Fu*K dem anywayz!!

Sorry for my language I'm just pissed....feeling ko inapi ako....

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