Saturday, March 28, 2009

dried out

why is it soooo hard to have cash nowadays??? i have a good compensation package here at work and it's still not enough!!!!

It all started last January, when things started to dry wtf!!! i haven't done or bought the things i got used to, now i am living very strictly on my budget otherwise there won't be money left to pay for my bills.!!!!

apartment, electricity, water, cable tv, internet connection, groceries, cigarettes...f*&k! i'm not sure which one should i flush down the toilet!!!
can somebody tell me how to get more cash??? i've been trying my luck with lottery but my luck have not worked just it's payday but after all the computations and everything, there isn't much left for me, unlike last year when i always have a couple of thousand pesos for things i want to buy or spend unwinding!!! but now, it's hell!!!!

i have to strictly follow my budget nowadays, or else....

i hate this....U.S. economy when are you gonna get back on your feet damn it!!!!

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