Thursday, March 12, 2009

its wednesday and again i'm half way thru week 2 of march. my main problem nowadays is the heat, pun%$@&tA ANG INITTT!! it's f*ck#ng hard to sleep and i work at night so kalbaryo talaga lintek!!!!!

anyways, im trying to calm myself down thinking that this friday the 13th will be the opposite, it's gonna be a lucky day kasi sahod na. maybe i could spare few hundreds and go out, relax, unwind, get drunk and forget all these troubles!!!

life can be real tough specially when you grow-up and handle certain responsibilities. you'd feel like you wanna stop and have a break but you can't, you just can't because you have lots of responsibilities, you have to pay your bills, you have to live so that others who depend on you could live as well. it's the situation wherein you're working not just because of your own survival but for others are working and musn't stop so that things will remain in order...

sorry na oo mainit lang ulo ko!

on the lighter side, i have been bombarded with texts from my cousin today. actually he's like a brother because we both grow-up in the same house and i watched over him when he was a kid (he's like 17 years old now). funny thing is he's been asking for my advice about he's lovelife...and i thought come on he's only 17 lolz!!! he said he had this girl, they were together for 2 years but they're off now and he's affected because the girl is with someone else now and that someone else lives just next door, which means he sees them together all the time and he's pissed (not counting the fact that this ex-gf had a fling with another cousin of ours hahahaha, great girl right?, messing around with everyone) and worst part is these kids are sexually active, holy sh*t!!!! they're just kids and they have sex all the time, my goodness!!! my cousin told me they always do it on the beach at night and the other cousin whom this girl had a fling told me they also did it in that same beach dogstyle pa daw! p*ta talaga. what's wrong with this generation????

and my advice? deadma na lang, move on with this life, focus on studies sleep early so that he would have healthy skin and would look good. i said don't let them see you're affected even if you are, never give them the satisfaction. do your best to look good and happy, hayaan mong malosyang yung babaeng yun.

now am i right?

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