Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm on a diet

Oh yeah! I have been dieting for more than two weeks now, I just forgot to mention it here. I'm trying my best to eat rice at least once a day only (small amount) and I'm happy that it's working just fine, I already lost a few pounds. I'm so excited and really looking forward on posting my before and after pic right here. But I need to loose at least 5 more pounds before I post any pic.

Anyways, it's really a struggle and requires a lot of focus, dicipline, courage, patience and determination to loose weight because I got used to eating like a pig and more heavy meals in the morning after work and before I go to sleep, just 2 or 3 pieces of bread, no more pizza, beer, ice cream and the rest of my comfor first it was so difficult but now I am adjusting quite well...

I still eat a lot, once a day that is...but not as much as I used to..

I will be posting my progress in this blog and hopefull I could encourage others to do the same, for health reasons and for better living. And besides, aint it wonderful to be slim, have a flat tummy and dress-up well and be cool??? :)

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