Monday, March 9, 2009

monday feeling sunday

finally my friend from the states arrived, she has been away for 8 long years working as a nurse in Maryland...and indeed things are so much different when she left...

things are now so much more expensive, manila is a lot more crowded and more dangerous (in fact just last week a lady from their bldg/condo was robbed and stabbed to death by some akyat-bahay gang) so f*ck#ng scary!!!!

anyways, i got the camera that i asked her to buy for me, i requested for her to buy one for me because there's a sale in walmart and it's so very cheap (i got it for Php4600 while in pinas its around 10k) and of course she gave me a very nice polo shirt as a pasalubong :)

then as scheduled, we went to a comedy bar in QC, laffline to be exact. as usual and as expected and as i mentioned, its f*ck#ng expensive lolz! entrance fee isPhp300 per person and it's non-consumable, plus the drinks/beer is around Php76 per bottle. now, how's that? how are you supposed to have fun with those prices..tsk....

now i guess/hope my companions had a great time, i think they have because they were laughing their lungs out with those skits of gay perfomers...

and oh ethel booba was there wearing a piece of clothing that almost shows her nipple, im sure in just a very slight wrong move her entire boobs will pop-out because it was so huge~!

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