Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First of all I'm happy :) for some reasons I'm now able to access blogspot here at work yey!!! Maybe they realized that blogspot doesn't do any harm to mankind...it infact enlightens and releases stress/topak in someways lolz!!!

Anyways, I think a couple of months ago I added a widget here on my blog, it called Globe Trackr, the widget simply tracks the visitors here and it displays the country where they are from. And on my previous post I mentioned that I'm delighted to find out that some people actually wasted some of their time to check this blog (again thanks even if you don't read any of these). But then again, today I checked and found out more, as in more countries!!! I saw Turkey, Indonesia, China, Canada, USA and Romania!!! IS THIS FOR REAL??? OR MAYBE THE WIDGET IS FOOLING AROUND WITH ME!!!

I mean why??? hahahaha, is this blog interesting??? mmm to me of course yes, to others? mmm I dunno...maybe not...

Anyways, guys if indeed this is true then well maybe you can say something and let's be friends. I'm from a little country called Philippines and it's cool out here, maybe you should come and let me buy you a cup of cofee lolz!!! I can be a good friend you know :)

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