Sunday, February 22, 2009


before I start with the things that happened today, sunday...forget saturday cuz it was so awful, the power was out from 2pm to 4am as in dawn tsk...they said some transformers exploded or whatever and it took them forever to repair...

OK, i added a widget here in my blog, it's globetrackr just to know if someone out there checks my stuff just for the sake of nothing lolz! and amazingly i got some checkers from US and Korea!!!! would you believe that? yey, whoever you are thank you for dropping by and next time, maybe you can say a little hello :)

now back to the main reason why i'm blogging today...finally i went to see my dentist (which happens to be my cousin ate baby) after months of canceling and rescheduling..i had a couple of molars removed arghhhh yes it was awfully painful because last night i had a great ritual in preparation for it, we consumed a bottle of matador brandy, oh yes one cool bottle to help me sleep (kasi brownout nga lintek antagal magkaroon ng kuryente madaling araw na) so it was sooooo awwwwww!!!

then after yelling and spitting some bloodyish stuff and ewwwwish redish thing from my mouth, the torture was over and i proceeded with my medication..

medication no.1 - chocolate ice cream. oh yeah, that's what everybody said to be the first thing to do, eat some ice cream to decrease the swelling. oh yeah, it was good even if my mouth was still numb because of that something my ate injected in my gums..

medication no.2 - pork adobo and rice. oh yeah again...paul cooked some adobo, eh tumambay dito, ayun nautusan...

medication no. 3 - instant pancit canton and skyflakes. it was almost midnight and i was hungy again..

the result? mmmm my gums are still kinda bleeding..

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