Saturday, February 14, 2009



and a day before valentine's day (as if i care duh!) i've never been a fan of v-day (luzah?) i have to admit that sometimes i get kinda envious of some people getting busy on buying chocolates and flowers for their partners, but what the heck, giving away thouse stuffs need not to be vday, i can always do it any day i want...

anyways, i'm kinda pissed that the plan of going to enchanted kingdom has been canceled argggg!!! my company planned on going to EK this weekend and we were all thrilled (including me cuz i haven't been there yet, i dunno, i've always said no to my friends inviting me there) but this time i really planned to go and even told my nephews and nieces that i might tag some of them along (my nephew ryan even bought a new jacket for this trip huh!) but gee!!! budget and time constraints, it's now h*ll with them...

what am i up to this valentine's day? well im seeing my dentist for one...boring boring boring...i can't even get out with some friends... maybe if my dentist don't show-up i'll just get drunk (again)

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