Monday, February 9, 2009

A movie I like

Beast Stalker: Starring Nicolas Tse

I have never really got over my fascination of the Chinese Movies. Eversince I was a little kid I've always loved these type of movies we filipinos call "karate" pertaining to the martial arts films from the Hongkong Cinema. I am still a fan of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee and the rest...
Now, the latest movie that I've watched is this suspense/action/drama flick that starred the Hongkong Cantopop Star Nicolas Tse. Nicolas can be considered a newbie in the Hongkong Entertainment Industry yet he already has made his mark. This film has a very good plot, it tackles the story of several individual connected to each other by an accident. It talks about love and redemption. A very touching story about a mother's love to her daughter, a husband's devotion to his wife and a cop's struggle for guilt and redemption. A trully must see film.
This one isn't so hard to find. I just got the copy from the sidewalk, of course a pirated one.

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